Friday, July 9, 2010

On the road


Yes the title does not lie I am writing you literally from the road. So exciting I know! I'm trying out a new blogging program so with my upcoming schedule I will be able to keep you all informed and up to date with me.

Hopefully I will be posting some fun stuff soon...I head I might be in the company of puppies so yes pictures a plenty!

Talk to you soon.

Oh... Hall and Oats Private Eyes just started....what a good trip so far.


  1. PUPPIES!!!? what kind and how old?you said in a past blog that you don`t get dogs, so i guess you have met alot of adult thier families they act like puppies thier whole 160# fila mastiff scares the crap out of anyone who meets him(very anti-social)but is a big baby to my 3 year old daughter.she does a mschif scream at him and he drops to the ground and starts rolling around!it`s actualy cute to see him playing with my big fat cat who is smaller than his head!they never really grow up!

  2. Hey Sara, have u read this?

    Looks like your part of the next season of NXT, haha! Actually a pretty cool story so far. Hope u can get that contract, lol.

  3. Arthur,

    I am not sure what type of puppy it was a small one with tons of energy...I decided I don't get puppies either...

    Cool story Johnny!!!