Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wrestling portion is done

And now a few days at the beach! While on my way to said beach I thought I would do a little update...

Friday night I wrestled the one and only Allison Danger. Match was fun and I got to beat up a buddy so that is always fun. The real story is the amazing hotel we stayed in. I so forgot to take pictures but it had some of the most classy wallpaper I have ever seen you'll have to trust me in that one. That alone could not make this hotel amazing nor could the two yes two toilet paper rolls mounted to the wall right on top of each other...what? No the "amazing" came from the mini fridge! There is something about a mini fridge while on the road that beightens my world. I was able to keep all my food cool AND re-freeze my ice packs.

The next day with time to kill Danger and I took in a good old matinee..before I tell you what we saw let me say don't judge me...

We saw Eclipse and I really enjoyed it. I was not a fan of the second so was not sure is they could catch my interest again but they did it!

After a quick bite we were off to the show for the reunion of The Dangerous Angles! The show was fun, again I was happy with the match and the 250 lb woman why tried to fight Danger as we left. Good times! 

Next on the agenda was Arena Chicks and after 3 matches I was ready for some World Cup. I found the game a little boring and going in I did not want Spain to win but they really fought for that goal and I was happy for them. I can't believe It's seems like just last week it started oh well they found a new fan and I will just be that much more pumped for 2014.

Hope yall had a great weekend!

( I'm in the south yall is allowed )


  1. who did you wrestle at arenachicks? How was your match against Claudio? Did any of the moves hurt?

  2. Sara can u please get urself into TNA and help resurrect the KO division as what was once a good display of female wrestling has now gone downhill fast. It was good to see u up against Madison the other day though, shame u had to lose that one as you could snap her in two with your left hand.

  3. i hate myself for asking--team edward or team jacob(and wich for danger)?

  4. Just saw your promo for Remix Pro Wrestling Oct. 2nd. I'm excited about seeing you take on Daffney. I'm gonna be pulling for you all the way. See you then!

  5. @ Arenachicks I wrestled Claudio Castagnoli, Allison Danger and Lee,I was not hurt while shooting.

    I will do my best be be where the wrestling is ;)

    I am not on either team and Danger is team Jasper!

    I am excited too she is an interesting character so I think the mach will be very entertaining.

    Thanks for the responses guys!


  6. How many matches did you win @arenachicks and which of the three was the strongest and if u did lose any matches, were they totally one-sided?

  7. Hey Mike,

    I can't really spoil the results of the Arena Chicks taping but you should definitely check out the site if your interested!


  8. Yea, I just watched latest impact and well not much womens wrestling on there. Why do creative think that viewers want to see eye candy over actual wrestling. Sara u bust your hump to be the best womens wrestler in the states and u have the respect of so many fans for that. I hope that there's a change up of the womens divisions in WWE & TNA to start showcasing a level of wrestling on par with the men.

  9. Thanks Johnny..I do too hope for a change!