Friday, December 31, 2010

Cardio time again

Coming to you for a second time from the step mill! Getting my last workout in of 2010.

What a year its been hu? I've done better this year than the last in terms of wrestling so I'm excited to see what next year will bring. Hopefully something BIG..I feel Im approaching my prime and need that need to be shared with the world!

I have been getting an enormous amount of questions regarding Kong so let me say I have no clue what her WWE status is. Like most of you I hope she is signed, I miss seeing her on tv and she is the one that can change the perception of women's wrestling in America.

Side note..even though I'm on my phone during my workout I'm killing it!

New years resolutions are as follows..stay in better contact with my family, not stress about my diet and getting out and enjoying life while I have it to enjoy. I should resolve to fix my spelling and grammar but maybe next year.

Since the holidays and traveling I have not been able to keep up on my shows and I'm not sure how much I miss them. It's been about two weeks without Regis and Kelly, Wendy and Top Chef..I good the first two were on vacation too. I did YouTube some best of Dorothy Zbornak and Does Nylund to keep me company.

Oh..anyone want to know what I got for Christmas? Besides about 10lbs in glorious cookie weight I got new training shoes, snow shoes, lots o money, goldfish soap and tons of other crap (I mean that in the best way possible) .

My session is almost over so it seems like a good time to wrap this sucker up.

Hope everyone has a super, safe and responsible night!


Friday, December 24, 2010

While doing cardio I might as well be productive

It's the day before Christmas and I like most are excited beyond belief. I can't believe how quick the end of the year came, looking back it has been one fine year.

Thanks to all of you for the support and encouragement not just to me but independent wrestling everywhere. I promise BIG things in 2011.

I should recap last weeks ROH IPPV I said if you missed it you missed out. Four of the most talented girls around given the freedom to just go out and entertain and I think we did that. I have always been proud to be with ROH but in the last few month I could not be prouder (if that's a word). Even though I murdered chicks left and right none have felt my furry more than Daizee  and she keeps coming back. I'm not sure I would have the guts but I look forward to the next chapter and seeing how we fit in.

The kiss.....papa Briscoe is lucky I have a thing for old people! Only the second time someone dared to kiss me in a ring (the first is still eating through a tube). I will say the most insulting part of the ordeal was being thrown out after. I guess that's what a one night stand feels like.

My cardio is just about done so here's wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas and happy New Years!

Be responsible!

Thank you 2010!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

I have some free time

Currently I am en route home after 3 great days in Louisville. I realized I have not updated you good folks in a ling time so here goes...

Like I said I was in Louisville for ROH tv taping the past Dre days and the shows were great as usual for ROH! I saw tons of action and picked up two wins..that's always a nice treat.

I really like the Louisville area, tons of nice people and Davis arena is a super cool place to work. Not sure if we'll be back but it was something different and that's good every now and then.

This afternoon I defend the japw women's championship and the tweets are correct its against lufisto! I think the fans of philly have a special treat in store.

Tomorrow afternoon its back to the asylum for CHIKARA and Daizee and I are looking to get back in track and kill sone ants!

No much else to update..oh I'm looking forward to Koscheck/GSP...and how can I not profess my LOVE for CM Punk on commentary Monday nights! I have not been excited to watch an entire raw maybe ever but he totally has me tuned in. If you've given up on raw I strongly suggest you hive it another try.

That's it for now if you are in the Philadelphia area come see .me this weekend!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This morning I twitter I said today would be a day of getting stuff done and surprise surprise I did!


My day started with a trip to the grocery store for some fresh fruit! My diet got adjusted the other day and my fruit intake has doubled so I needed to stock up! I am all pumped with the addition of more fruit I also got more nuts! I was like a kid in a candy store in the bulk food isle this morning trying all the nuts to see what was freshest and decided on almonds and walnuts. Side not..I got fresh pecans last week and feel they are too much of an indulgence because they taste like straight buttery goodness. 


Back home I cut and washed all my vegetables ( I do this every time I come home from the store so they are ready to go when I need them) and got my cleaning started. I scrubbed my bathroom so good that I didn’t want to use it....and of course once all the litter was swept and freshened the cat decided to make a mess! It’s cool though because the cat and me have gotten really close ever since turning 30 and it just reminded me to let loose a little..Is that confusing? I’ll explain a little…I’m a neat freak that HAS to have everything organized. Normally I would get all huffy and re scoop and clean the litter so it was perfect but I’m living a little and learning to let go.


Next on the agenda gym! I had a rocking back and bicep work out and finished with thirty minutes of cardio that I must say I killed. I was all pumped because I had a treat in store for myself a little later…


Back home for some food and a shower and it was time for my does the queen of wrestling treat herself your asking…acupuncture!


I’ve never been before but I am all about treating my body right so figured why not? The deal was you can stay as long as you want and figured I would probably be good after twenty minutes but to my surprise I was there over an hour! For those of you that have never gotten it done it’s pretty crazy and hard to describe but I totally dug it and feel great.  Two thumbs up!!!!


One last note about today I talked with an old friend from the beginning of my career and I might have some fun pictures to share (depending on how embarrassing they are).


With this blog entry my to do list is just about done….I have the night to enjoy some salmon and the new season of Top Chef all stars.


Hope everyone else was as productive as me today but I’m sure you were not so suck it!