Friday, July 16, 2010

A Lot coming up!

If you have not seen ROH on HDNET live here is your chance. Today (Friday) and Tomorrow we are taping six whole weeks of TV. If you are in the Philadelphia area come check it out!


Next week is going to be busy busy busy…well starting today the rest of the month is jam packed with stuff.  If you are in he Mid West area you’ll have three chances to see ROH and me specifically July 22 in Louisville, Ky July 23 Collinsville, Il and July 24th in Chicago ridge, Il. Matches have been announced and they are guaranteed to be great! How about that!!!!! I guarantee you’ll be entertained!


Following those monster shows July 25th is the much anticipated CHIKARASOURAS REX! Back to the Arena and yes another guarantee from me for a quality show! Here Daizee Haze and myself are taking on Raisha Saeed and Amazing Kong…Do I really need to hype this?????? If you are interested in this show I recommend pre ordering tickets (saving five bucks) I hear it is close to being a sell out already!!!!!


Then rounding out the month The Kings of Wrestling including myself their Queen will be at Vanguard Championship Wrestling in Virginia!


So many chances for you to come out and enjoy some wrestling so I hope you do!


Hope everyone has a safe weekend!

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  1. Hi Sara

    Busy, busy scedule. Good luck in all of your matches. I am trying to convince my cable company to add HDnet to their programming. July 25 will be one hell of a match.

    Take Care.