Friday, May 25, 2012


Few things excite me more than new healthy recipes and tricks. Today I had a very successfull experiment with sweet potato in my protein shake! Yeah that's right now my spinach, peanut butter, vanilla protein shake is minus the banana and plus a sweet potato. So delicious...

This totally makes up for stabbing myself with a dull fork this morning. I though oh this is going to be a GREAT day and here we are three hours later and my day has been GREAT. I had a lovely bike ride to the gym, had a super good workout, strolled around my favorite store (the grocery store)and now this.

Today is going to rule!

If you want to make your day rule too try this cardio I invented yesterday. I named it the incline 8

You'll need a treadmill

as indicated by the name of the cardio you want to stay on an incline of 8 I'll include my speed b up do what is comfortable for you

5 min fast walk dont hold on speed 3.8

10 min of 30 sec sprint 30 sec rest sets speed 5.5

5 min lunges speed 1.5

10 more min 30 sec sprint 30 sec rest sets speed 5.5

Finish with another 5 min walk without holding on


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Logo Shirts

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All technical issues were resolved....I hope

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Would you be interested

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