Thursday, June 23, 2011

The time is apon us

Tomorrow, Chicago, I know I am not the only one excited! You can still get tickets  HERE

The Queen has spoken

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Profilin' Sara Del Rey

Sara Del Rey is, for my money, the best active female wrestler in the world today.  A ten-year ring veteran, Del Rey doesn’t fit into any of the traditional women’s wrestling archetypes.  She’s not the monstrous and manly powerhouse, the damsel in distress, or the fitness model turned wrestler who can’t perform a headscissors.  She’s Sara Del Rey, and she’s in a class of her own.
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Queen's review

My friends over at Diva Dirt reviewed my newest DVD, here's what they had to say....

Review: “Becoming the Queen of Wrestling” Starring Sara Del Rey

For any indy women’s wrestling fan one of the most difficult questions has to be “What matches/DVD’s should I purchase first in order to become a fan of _____ “. As you quickly scan your brain you inevitably come up with a handful matches, all of which will be on different DVD’s, something which the inquisitor often finds frustrating, especially if they don’t have deep pockets full of cash.Thankfully, some of the wrestlers do the work for us and create compilations of some of their best matches. One such woman is the “Queen of Wrestling”, Sara Del Rey. Released earlier this year, Del Rey’s compilation “Becoming the Queen of Wrestling” picks up where her previous two compilations, Golden Memories and Death Rey Strikes Back, left off, showing how Del Rey went from top babyface and inaugral SHIMMER Champion (Memories) to dominant heel (Strikes Back) to providing us with a greatest hits of Del Rey’s favorite matches that demonstrate why she is widely considered to be the best women’s wrestler working in the United States today.

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