Friday, March 30, 2012

Yesterday's cardio

While I have som free time I might as well give you guys something not to look forward too.

I always imagine how great I'll feel after these cardio sessions I dream up but never realize how hard they will be to actually get through.

This one I would put at a 8 or 9 difficulty level. Or I was just really tired and made it extra difficult

Here we go

You'll need a deck of cards and a jump rope.

Warm up 5 min fast feetjumping with the rope

Deck of cards (you know the rep deal if not check past posts)

Hearts= burpee
Diamonds= long front lunges ( step out as far as you can and back)
Spades= crab taps (crab or table positiolift and touch opposite leg to hand)
Clubs= table makers (sit legs straight out I front of you hands on the ground, swing hips up to a table position)


Good luck!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Been a little busy

So I have been slacking on the cardio posts. Never fear I have still been training just not updating you, hope you have had the time, energy and drive to keep on without me.

So SHIMMER happened!

I am so mad at Courtney Rush for making me a Tag Champion...Yes two belts are better than one and I deserve them both but it means I have to keep putting up with her. What to do?

I will have to put my annoyance with her on the back burner for this weekend while I take on and out Kobalt the little troll with the big mouth. Lets just say this in not a good week to be on my bad side and you little bugger will feel my wrath.

I think I have sufficiently worked myself up to go do some leg training....Talk to you soon!

Monday, March 12, 2012

If you are not a fan of uphill sprints

This cardio is NOT for you.

You will need a treadmill and guts

Warm up incline of 8 speed 3.8-4 for 5 minute

Increase incline to 15 and do 15 min of sprints (30 on 30 sec recover)I had a speed of 5.5

Drop incline to 8 and do another 15 min of sprints (30 sec on 30 recover)my speed was 6.5

Slow down to your starting speed on this incline for 5 min of cool down


When I thought of this cardio it seemed fairly easy but half way through I could taste my heart beating!!! That's a good sign right?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Elliptical circuit

Obviously you'll need an elliptical machine for today's cardo.

5 min steady warm up

1 min as fast as you can on a medium level (I did 5)

30 seconds on a hard level (I did 10)

Drop back down to your medium level for another minute as fast as you can

Hop off and do

10 push ups
20 Mt. Climbers ( right/left counts as one)
10 hop squats

Back on at a steady speed for a minute and a half to recover.

Repeate entire thing. I did this six times and it took about 40 min.

I also alternated directions on the elliptical one set forward then the next in reverse (when going in reverse squat down and stick your butt out, it looks funny but you can feel it much better)

To finish up I did a minute and a half wall sit. First 30 seconds feet together toes pointed forward, next 30 heels together toes pointed out and you guessed it last 30 toes together with your heels separated.

Just pack on the elliptical for a cool down at a stead speed.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Brought to you today

By CHIKARAS own Batiri.

I train hard so when I am faced with obsticales like the the idiocy of my colleagues I know I am mentally and physically stronger.

You will need a stop watch, jump rope and threadmill

Start with 5 min jog no incline

Speed up for 5 min of 30 second sprints.

Hop off

5 min steady pace jump rope

Back on the threadmill this time at an incline of 12 for 10 min of 30 second sprints

Hop off

5 more min of steady jump rope

Back on the threadmill for another set of 5 min 30 sec sprints no incline

And you guessed it 5 min steady jog no incline

All done.

I rode my bike to and from the gym so considered that a warm up and cool down but if not start and finish with a brisk walk and stretch!

See ya

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Today's cardio

I got from a private site so you are on your own. Hopefully whatever you choose to do today is done to its fullest. Happy Saturday!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today's a ten

Good luck with this.... It took me 50 min to complete.

You'll need a jump rope and a deck of cards

You know the deal face cards=10, aces=15 and numbers are obviously the number

5 min steady jump rope to warm up

Go through the deck

Hearts - burpee (jump to the sky hands over your head, hands on the floor jump back into plank)

Diamonds - walk out push ups (place hands on the floos near feet walk out into a plank do the pushup, walk your hands back and stand straight up each time)

Spades - table makers (some call them hip raises)

Clubs - squat knee lift (hands on head, squat then raise your right knee to your right elbow, squat again left knee to left elbow this counts as one)

Finish with 1 min wall sit


Like I said good luck!