Saturday, March 27, 2010

While I wait for my cauliflower



I decided to blog talk with you all….

This week I have really perfected my Muffin recipe, Yeah I thought I had it down but the batch I made yesterday was out of this world. I used left over sweet potato that I had instead of the puree and I tried different flavors and all were fantastic! I made strawberry, coffee, cinnamon raisin and chocolate! I think I have a new obsession, I am thinking of making some apple ones today but then I’ll eat them so maybe I'll wait till tomorrow. I also figured out the nutrition information for them. They are about what I thought but I feel better knowing the exact measurements.





You can call me muffin master!






As mentioned in the title I am in the process of making my second food related obsession…cauliflower mash! It looks and tastes just like mashed potatoes but it’s veggies!!! Unbelievable!! It is also yummy hot or cold so I am a fan.

Besides GREAT food this week I also caught a few movies, Michael Jacksons This is It and New Moon. I am not sure what I was expecting from This Is it so it is hard to judge but if you are a fan of Michael Jacksons music you will love this. I enjoyed it but thought it would have more behind the scenes type stuff. New Moon took me a few days to warm up to..I don’t think I liked it a s much as Twilight but it was still good. People keep telling me to get the books because they are much better but I think the story was my biggest problem with New Moon. Oh well I was entertained for two hours so that is what counts right???

UPDATE: Cauliflower is cooked/mashed and in the oven!!!

Onto TV…What a week it was for TV. Dancing with the stars, Celebrity Apprentice, The Soup,American Idol, LOST and Project Runway…How do I keep up? Thank goodness for On Demand! All solid performances this week!!

Next topic…training!! Next months wrestling schedule is jam packed so I need to be in best shape possible. I have really stepped it up in the gym and with my cardio, I so dare anyone to come train with me. This week I did legs 3 time  with a total of 1/2 a mile of lunges. Yeah INSANE but I love pushing myself. Today is YOGA and I should be excited but I have not done it in a while so I am not.

UPDATE: Done and looking good!

 CIMG1442  CIMG1445


Thank you all for keeping me company!

Hope to see you soon!



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Notice anything different?


Thought I would change things around a bit…what do you think?

And a quick note about last weekend: I went 3 for 4…I rule!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Baking update

Just finished baking an amazing batch of protein muffins! Half are banana and half are blueberry all are delicious. I was first worried because the recipe calls for pumpkin but this is so not the season…thankfully I ran into a very helpful clerk at Trader Joes (most amazing store since Gap) who recommended sweet potato puree. Turns out it was a very suitable substitution..I hope my houseguests like the healthy breakfast I have prepared!


For those of you that follow me on Twitter you might be wondering how my Oprah vegan cookies turned out….Not so good. As it turns out you need all the ingredients :( They were not to bad just left an awful aftertaste that I am sure would not be the case had I done it right. I will not give up though…maybe next week I'll try again.


One last update that is about baking of sorts…I fried my face today in the tanning bed! I usually only leave my face in for the first minute or two then cover up  but I fell asleep today due to 300 lunges…My face is progressively getting hotter and redder while my legs are progressively getting heavier. What a night I'm in for! Hopefully all will be good tomorrow…


Check out my schedule on the main page if you are interested in seeing me this weekend- You have four chances!!!!!:)


Take care all…keep baking..I know I will!



Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A new Hobby

This weekend I was on a roll, I decided to try out some healthy recipes and to my amazement after one small mistake (using baking soda instead of baking powder) everything turned out delicious!


Here are the highlights…CIMG1415


YUMMM! Peanut butter bread!







My Nonnie’s zucchini frittata








Twice baked potato's with cheese and mammas meatloaf!


Man, I love food! If anyone has and easy interesting recipes they would like to share feel free!


Hope everyone is well,


Friday, March 5, 2010

Grocery shopping or blog???

Tough decision so I decided to start the blog since I don’t need to put pants of for that.

So what is new? I know it has been a while and I know things have been happening but it is one of those weeks where everything feels the same.

I had some houseguests this past weekend and that is always fun…time passes when you are busy so the last weekend was a bit of a blur. My favorite part of houseguests is cleaning up after….catching up on all the laundry and fun! As I have told you before I am a bit of a neat freak…I am not obsessed or anything I just like things really clean. I don’t get wacky if things are out of place but I REALLY REALLY REALLY like putting them back and straightening up. Laundry too makes me happy, I cleaned all the sheets and towels in the house…go me!


This week on Netflix I got Twilight! I totally get it now, Edward is so hot! I think if he was not so cute the movie would not have been such a success. The story was so so I am interested to see what develops in New Moon. It reminded me a lot of My So Called Life the TV series. Really quiet, long stares across the classroom…..captivating!


I guess I should talk a little about loosing it on Sunday in my match….. but really I have nothing to say. So if anyone has questions feel free to ask but I offer no apologies or explanations at this time.


Anyone catch The Real Housewife's of NY premier last night? I missed it..hopefully it will be on demand later. Bethany was on Wendy the other day and apparently is not getting along with anyone..I don’t know how into that I am. Am I in the minority of just wanting to see people get along?????


That is it for now, hope everyone is well!