Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting off the Whey

So I decided to not use Whey protein anymore. I have no other dairy in my diet…I even took out my splash of Soy milk in my Starbucks!

Why you ask??? Just seeing how I can tweak my diet and how my body responds. In the past few weeks my trainer has shuffled some stuff around like no fruit in my last two meals and I decided to take out as much processed foods as possible…Sorry tortillas that means you! I only use one scoop of protein powder in my first meal of the day but that could be cleaned up.


I wanted to try rice protein but heard it is not very good and pretty expensive so while shopping yesterday I ran into GNC to see what they has to offer. I found a wheat protein that was cheap enough to give a try ( it also had decent nutritional value). This morning I mixed it in with my oatmeal and it wasn’t half bad. I still need to get it cleared with my trainer but I think I can deal with it for now.


That's all the updating I have for you today, I have a lot of running around to do since I am planning on leaving for Louisville tomorrow. 


Would anyone be interested in a picture diary of the trip?


Have a wonderful Tuesday!!


  1. Picture diary sounds sweet! Soy protein is another option, non dairy but on the other hand it's highly processed which will defeat the purpose, how about good old egg white protein? Also, have u tried Stevia as a sugar substitute? Great to use in baking with no calories and it's natural.

  2. Good on you for cutting whey protein! I find that stuff perfectly awful. Some people are actually high up on hemp protein, these days, but I've never tried it, so I can't really comment, can just pass along the info.

  3. love to see vid-diary!how about a before and after match pic set? may you have little to no lines on your trip!(esp. starbucks!)

  4. Have a safe trip, I'll be seeing you Sunday! A Death Rey Pic Diary seems like it will be full of win.

  5. I love Stevia! I saw tons of interesting proteins like Pea and soy but for size value I went with the wheat.

    Hemp sounds interesting..maybe when I run out of the wheat.

    I think Claudio Castagnoli is planning on taping some of the trip to make Kings of the road cafe. If that happens I will for sure link everyone. Before and after match pictures sounds fun...lest see if I remember!

    Can't wait for Sunday...I know you are going to LOVE the show!

  6. Hi Sara,

    A picture diary of your trip would be great. WWE does it with their various matches.

  7. Picture diary would be amazing, you know this already. lol. Good luck and have fun!

  8. It depends on your diet regimen if you need the supplement or not.