Friday, September 24, 2010

Starting is the hardest part

With Cody Rhodes on my TV I am inspired…I think he has one of the best entrances in Pro wrestling!


I guess what you all want to hear about is SHIMMER so I will start Saturday morning at 4:15. I wake up, make a spinach protein shake and I’m on my way to Chicago. The flight is short and I am able to get a little more sleep but I am super pumped to see all the girls and get my wrestling on. After a quick stop at the hotel and Starbucks I arrived at the Berwyn Eagles club. For those of you who have never been in this building it has a certain charm and while walking around the ring I can see myself visiting this place in 30 years and remembering the energy of the SHIMMER crowd. I must be tired!!!!!!!


After catching up with everyone, well at least saying hi, I settle into a space upstairs and begin getting ready. The rest of the day goes by in a flash… I was happy with my matches and my performances and after changing back into my street clothes I am really looking forward to the rest of my coffee now cold (the perfect drinking temperature). DAMN, someone though it was trash and threw it out when I was not looking. I decided to make a mental note for the next day –guard your coffee-!


The next morning I wake up early and convince myself I don't need to do Cardio because i am wrestling so much later in the day. So, I take a stroll to 711 for water and saw that Nikki Roxx was in the gym…oh motivation…I decided to change and throw down with some cardio.


After another stop at Starbucks it was back to the club. Sundays event went well and again I was happy with my matches and performances. This time while changing I set the remainder of my coffee right in front of me so I can keep guard of it. I was all done and packed and for a split second took my eyes off the prize to converse  and wouldn't you know it…my coffee was trashed AGAIN! BOOOOO. A huge downer!!!


Monday rolled around and I was off to Florida to wrestle with the Slammin Ladies and as I mentioned before go gator gazing. The wrestling was great as usual but I can not say the same for the gator gazing. When this was first brought up I figured we would be on a nice little tour boat or something..not the case. It was a little canoe that we were responsible for navigating….not a good idea. Needless to say 10 min in my canoe was full of spiders from banging into trees and I was was too close for comfort to gators. This was a supposed to be a two hour trip…I hit every  bank, bush and tree along the way and ended up in that stupid little boat for over four hours. I am still waiting for the fun..I was so scared I couldn't even take pictures.


After an exciding trip to Florida it was time to head back to Philadelphia..well actually New Jersey for “War of the Roses” by Indygirlz. I had some catching up to do at the gym so I decided to double up on workouts..maybe not the best idea going into a tournament but I think I did a decent job and losing to Mercedes Martinez in the finals is nothing to be ashamed of.

60231_157958040896517_100000469659049_443890_3673206_s 61268_157955467563441_100000469659049_443882_3064388_s

SUNDAY is finally here and I am so excited to see Manami Toyota again and get to wrestle her as a bonus! This has to be one of my favorite matches of the year!!! Manami was amazing as usual and with the addition of Mike Quackenbush and Claudio Castagnoli I think the dynamic of the match was something real special. The atmosphere in NY was amazing and the people were incredible. I can’t thank CHIKARA enough for making this happen!

IMG_1852 IMG_1915 IMG_1901 IMG_1947


This week I have off and to tell you the truth I am stoked. I have housework and gym stuff to catch up on. Not to mention Top Chef and Project Runway….


Oh while I have you here did you see I got a Facebook????? I'm not so sure on how often to update and stuff but I am still trying to work it out so don’t give up on me!


Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

When I can update

I will, I have so much to do while getting prepared for this weekend so don't expect a review anytime soon :)


Do keep your eyes open for a new item in the shop!


Hope to see some of you this weekend in New Jersey or Baltimore!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shimmer today

Ugh..I hate losing! None of that today! Even with 4 hours of sleep I will awake the fight in me and like most of yesterday kick butt!

Interesting side note from yesterday:

As brought to my attention by a fan Bryce Remsburg looks just like Claudio Castagnoli...

And speaking of CC congratulations to The Kings of Wrestling for their epic match last night..kings reign supreme!

Friday, September 10, 2010

SHIMMER tomorrow

I'm tanned, toned and ready to fight!

I don’t know who I'm facing and honestly it doesn't matter. Big, small, tall and wide I'll take them all on and most likely win :)

Looking forward to seeing some of you this weekend!


Safe travels everyone!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


You stole my heart! I saw a ton of potential and  some really interesting characters…I also have not laughed that hard in a long time.


The good: Naomi, she is super athletic and really was the star of the night. Her in ring work in my opinion looked the most smooth out of all the girls..including the pros. Obviously she is still new but I think she could have a very bright future if she wants it. I’m looking forward to watching her grow.


I also really got a kick out of Caitlyn. She had great facial expressions and I thought her interactions with Vicki were very amusing….Vicki if you didn't know is my favorite Diva. 


The bad: Why are they always dancing? I’m not even talking about the awkward dance off with the horrible music…I’m talking about on the entrances and when they are just standing in the ring??? As a woman, that makes me instantly HATE them!


The Ugly: It would be easy for me to pick on the ring work so I will go in another direction…I found that some of the rookies resembled Diva they already have in appearance, demeanor and style. For me as a fan this is no good because you have a new girl that is unknown reminding you of an already established star they just look second rate.


I have this game I play it doesn't have a name but it really doesn't need one…..When I’m out and about I find fakes…Like in my Extreme fitness class one of the ladies looks just like Mama Corino so she is fake Mama Corino. Or Claudio insists Hero is the fake guy from Nickleback, one time I saw a fake Awesome Kong but then it turned out to really be her! You get the idea…So to me a few of the rookies looked like fakes and I don’t mean that as a bad or good so maybe it fits into the ugly???


Anyways those were my thoughts..I am really looking forward to the rest of the season, unfortunately I will be out of town and will probably miss next week but I will be gator gazing so be jealous! I will be back live in two weeks watching and discussing the show on twitter with @lagana, should be good times!


One last piece of business in the upcoming events category of my life……Facebook is on the horizon!


Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

October 16th and 17th!


Check it out:

~Sara del Rey, YES Sara del Rey NUFF SAID, her first trip to MLW

Amy Love, prettier than ever, Miss Florida

Brittany Brown, Major star of the Northeast USA, Great Veteran Star, her first trip to MLW

Candi Devine, the Tennessee Legend, former AWA,USWA, & UWF Champion

Rock N Roll Rock C, Current MLW Champ, wants to beat up everyone

Allison Danger, The Bad Gal, Shimmer Star, her first trip to MLW

Mary E Monroe, talented tall lady wrestler from St. Louis

Veronica Fairchild, Number One contender to the MLW Title

Venus, from Texas, her first trip to MLW

Susan Morton, She is so BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Tenille Tayla, Pacific Northwest Canadian Star, first time to MLW, world traveler

Misty James, The TRUE Queen of East Tennessee, looking for Brandi Wine and some revenge

Rebecca Lynn, Tough, sexy, and MEAN

Mary Kelly, The Unknown
Sara del Rey, a technican

Kristin Flake, Gorgeous Blonde who can flat wrestle from North Carolina

Hardcore Heather Owens, her name says it all

Fire, WOW California Beach Girl, who the Beach Boys must have sung about talented and beautiful

Destiny, Alabama Tuff gal who doesn't mind mixing it up with anyone

Crystal Fire, Number 2 contender to the MLW title

Constance, East Tennessee's favorite little female wrestler

Brittney Love, WOW could she make any man's dreams come true(as a wrestler)

Black Widow, New to MLW, with a tough azz attitude and ready to do battle with anyone

B.B. The true Mississippi Southern Belle

A. J. Sparx, super heavyweight from the Cincinnati area, Ok not true, but has a heavyweight heart in that ring

400-LB Yukon Jack, first time at MLW
Justin Duke, Superstar who has been here before and a dern great wrestler
Lance Starr, hard body of stone and a ladies favorite
Slick Rick, MLW regular who is so dern tuff and excellent Worker
Jeremiah Plunkett, Middle Tennessee Superstar, Great Worker, super talented
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