Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Huge task

In recapping this amazing weekend but I will try. First off I failed at taking pictures..Claudio did succeed in taking tons of video footage though and a new cafe should be up soon!


Lets start with last Wednesday when Claudio and I headed out to Dayton to meet up with Hero. The trip was very enjoyable because as you can imagine CC is hilarious and we share the same fondness for Starbucks and 80’s music. Not to much to tell there so moving onto Thursday after picking up the other King we were off to Louisville and in search of a gym. Again more hilariousness and good times! We eventually made it with tons of time to spare and were hooked up with a free gym pass to Louisville athletic club. This gym was AWESOME! It had everything anyone would ever want in a gym and more…it had machines I had never seen before and HAD to try out. The Kings and I all took turns doing various exercises on this vibrating platform machine that was all sorts of fun. After a quick shower and a run in with Nova..yes  that Nova we were off to the Davis Arena. The show was great and I got to see some friends I had not seen in years so I had a blast!


After a quick dinner of Salmon, my favorite food to order at real restaurant (not like Denny’s a fake restaurant) we were off to sleep. Friday morning came and we had a long drive to Collinsville and wanted to hit up the Athletic club again so we got an early start on the day. I got a good functional workout in and we were off.


This was my first time in Collinsville and I was really excited for the match so the day just flew by.The building was right down the street from  a happy place though so CC and I partook in some free Wi-Fi and the bold roast of the day.                                                                                                     IMAG0071

No match details of specifics I can remember but if you purchase the DVD and want to chat we can do that :)


After the show the Royal car decided to drive to Chicago and beat the heat…and traffic. I slept most of the way and about 100 miles out the guys decided to do the same. After checking 7 different hotels we finally found a suitable one. *Side note I REALLY love it when hotels have refrigerators and microwaves in the room…this should be standard!

In the morning we decided to head into Chicago early and thank goodness we did because as some of you know parts of Chicago were flooded. Of course these were the parts we needed to drive through. What should have taken us about an hour ended up taking us 5. I was happy to be driving because I feel if CC had the wheel he would have lost his mind even more. Chris and I just laughed and poked fun at Claudio ( this might have added to his frustration but it was so funny). We made it through the water and eventually to the building and again the time just flew by. After setting into a spot, saying your Hello’s, chit chatting, going to the bathroom and eating it is time to get ready. After my match I was so looking forward to showering and getting in my pjs for the trip home but this was not meant to be…The Kings being as Awesome as they are on semi main and needed my support ringside. Finally it was time to get clean and comfy and I was looking forward to the trip home and the CHIKARA event Sunday.


After sleeping most of the night I took the morning shift and shaved off 30 min to our eta..yes I was very proud of myself.  I made it home in time to hit the grocery store, cook for the day, re pack and shower. Then off again for CHIKARASOURAS Rex! True to form once at the building the day FLEW by. Same drill as before…settle into a spot, say hello’s, chit chat, eat and time to get ready! let me just say I really LOVE the CHIKARA fans..even if they are booing me. They just have a positive energy like no other!


like you would expect from the KING of SHOW it was an huge event and is already out on DVD through Smart Mark Video!


Sunday I again got my favorite Salmon meal for dinner and this time from my favorite place to get Salmon….Chilies! It is the absolute best I would eat it all day everyday if I could.


And that folks was my weekend!

Talk to you soon!


  1. AWESOME blog as always Sara =) You ever was in a McFit gym ?? When you are in germany with Claudio & Chris, go to a McFit, they have some machines you never seen before and the whole look in the gym looking awesome too =)

    Auf Wiedersehen (See you) =)

  2. It was great to finally get to meet you and see you live for the first time at The Bluegrass Brawl..You are one of the BEST out there today. Cant wait for ROH to come back to Louisville.

  3. The CHIKARA show was tons of fun and I'm still reeling from that announcement. I wouldn't have believed it if I wasn't there. I'm one of the lucky ones who has already seen Manami live, but I can't wait for these shows.

    The Smashing Pumpkins concert was amazing, by the way. Billy introduced himself as "Bruno Sammartino."

  4. It's funny, because when you said "that Nova" I assumed you meant the military computer weapons company that made Johnny 5. I think you and Claudio would make Simon Dean sweat butter at the gym though.

  5. Hi Sara,

    If you can't have a filet,salmon is the next best thing. Hope to see some of the videos.

  6. I have never been to a McFit but heard all about it, I am sure from Chris and Claudio! Maybe one day I can go..I just need to get booked in Germany!!!

    I keep hearing good thinks about this Smashing Pumpkins tour...sad I missed it.