Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Not to Wear

is on but I decided to blog anyways. I love the shopping part even though I only like grocery shopping in real life. WEIRD!!

Sunday as most of you know I was in San Antonio, Texas for Anarchy Championship wrestling. I had a blast and meet a bunch of awesome people and qualified for the 2nd annual American Joshi Queen of Queens tournament June 27th. I am so looking forward to winning this year….I came close last year so I know I have what it takes to win the whole thing so watch out San Antonio!

I also got to meet up with the best hair in the business Jimmy Jacobs…really every time I see him he has cool hair and this weekend did not disappoint… CIMG1405

Have you seen better hair????

The only thing that tops that is my flight home was playing the Golden Girls!


On to or back to TV… I just realized I am home and will be able to watch the men sing tonight on Idol! Any Idol fans out there? I am not a super huge fan but this season has me hooked…is it Ellen? No idea!

At the recommendation of some very reliable people I have decided to give GLEE and Community a shot so hopefully I will catch up on all that this upcoming week…What shows do you watch? Should I?

This upcoming weekend is CHIKARA and I hope you all make it out to Reading and Pottsville, should be two solid shows of BDK dominance. Hope to see you there!!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wrestling with food poisoning

And winning! I do not wish that on anyone….I have NEVER had a headache more severe. I can handle the up chuck because at least you feel better after but the headache is no joke. If it is possible I think I just had a mild case because it only lasted about 6 hours and I was good to wrestle and eat again. The real question is was it really the chicken I just bought????? Should I throw out $15 dollars worth on chicken breast???? I say no..give the chicken a second chance! I will keep you up to date on the rumblings of my tummy as the day progresses.


Last night I was in Binghamton for 2CW and wrestled everyone's favorite ninja P.Perez. The match went well until I got DQ’ed and had to hit her with a chain..really I was left with no other option.  Thank you to everyone to coming out and saying “HI”.


I had a really nice conversation with “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and I realized how much I love positivity! He was so nice and upbeat about everything…..I put him on the happy bus with Me, Colt Cabana and Lanny Poffo. Now that would be a fun ride!

Has anyone been to the NBA store in NYC? I am not a huge basketball fan but this place was awesome!! They have giant bobble life size! CIMG1398 The closest I will ever get to Shaq…I tried to make it look like I was stealing the ball form him but I do not look aggressive enough….maybe its the purse.


Tomorrow I am off to Texas to defend my JAPW championship against Jessica James. I am really excited for the challenge I have never been in the ring with her but know she is good and brings a lot to the table. If you are in the San Antonio area come check out ACW.


That is all for now folks, talk to you soon,



Friday, February 12, 2010

The week

I will start with ROH last Friday,I think these pictures say it all. Really could we be any cooler?




This past Friday marked the first TV appearance of The Kings of Wrestling, and boy did we debut in grand form. The Team went 3-0 in one much more impressive could it get? If Saturdays weather did not prevent the show from taking place I am pretty sure we would have showed you how much more impressive but mother nature had different plans.


Super Bowl Sunday continues to be one of my favorite Sundays of the year! After hitting the gym hard (so I could indulge in some treats) I proceeded to cook my famous whole wheat pizza. YUMMMM! I am a master! Whole wheat pizza dough, chicken, 2% mozzarella and tomato pesto sauce..SO delicious!CIMG1388


Anyone else's mouth watering??? I also had some home made garlic hummus with carrots, Organic yellow corn tortilla chips with salsa and to top it off a sweet rice treat I found in the health food section at my grocer. I was going to take a picture but I was so excited that I ate it up and didn’t think you all would appreciate a picture of an empty wrapper.


On to this week….not much to say except California never had weeks like this.

CIMG1391 CIMG1390


Even a few days after the storm the roads were horrible…


  I am still enamored with the novelty of winter….maybe not by next week but as of now I am still enjoying it. Being stuck  in the house and watching movies is not all that bad. Oh and I saw Avatar…It totally lived up to all the hype! Those 3-D glasses are annoying when you are already wearing glasses but It was so worth it. 


  Off to the gym now!


  Bye all!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who is a Happy girl?




My fancy new shoes are the envy of all!


02032010375  Thank you Kevin!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

What a weekend

As most of you know Daizee Haze and had our first match together as partners last night at CHIKARA’s season opener “A Touch of Class”. As I am sure you all were expecting we were victorious over the team of the Osirian Portal!!! I must admit it was very fun beating up those kids… I can’t wait to take out more frustrations and punishment along with my fellow brothers in the Bruderschaft.

After The big victory I decided to go out and celebrate, something I don’t do often…I went to a local restaurant and watched the Royal Rumble. I enjoyed the show overall…I thought Rey vs. Undertaker was very interesting and I would not mind seeing more. I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing Serena on TV…she is such and interesting character and with Punk the sky is the limits…They are the most interesting thing on WWE by far.

This weekend marks the beginning of February with that brings a new workout routine!! YIPPY!!! I should be getting it later today..I can’t wait..I hope I still have pull-ups. Did I mention I can do 3 on my own now in a row! Yeah I’m bragging!

Friday and Saturday ROH returns to The Arena with more TV tapings! If you have not made it down to be part of the live crowd you should…It is something special. Not to mention you can see live the return of the greatest tag team in wrestling the “Kings of Wrestling”. What will stop us in 2010??? Nothing! Man, that is something I would not miss!

Keep Haiti in you thoughts and prayers!'

Hope to see you soon,