Thursday, November 18, 2010


It appears today is the day for an update. I still have tons of energy after the gym…probably because I didn't do cardio (I have Extreme Fitness tonight).


Since we last talked my birthday has come and gone. The actual day I spent mostly in the car..first from Detroit to Toronto then from Toronto home.  I did celebrate a little Sunday with homemade pizza and I treated my self to the cookie bar at Wegmans. I still feel the need to splurge but I think its just the season and the anticipation of Thanksgiving. I still have not decided how Thanksgiving is going down but I can guarantee some pumpkin will be had!!!


I got tons of well wishes and amazing gifts and from the bottom of my heart I thank you all!


Last night was the final episode of Top Chef Just Deserts and even though I wanted Morgan to win I liked it  as a whole and will be tuning in for the next season…I hope it’s on again. The new all star season of Top Chef is starting soon and I hope they just rotate so once that’s over we get just deserts again. Man, I'm brilliant….


oh let me tell you all about roasted Fava beans…they are soooo delicious. I picked some up today and promptly ate them all Sad smile  If you ever see them in the store pick them up and give them a try you will not be disappointed. I am going to figure out how to make them myself..I got a food dehydrator for my birthday and I experimented the other day but couldn’t find raw fava beans. I tried drying bananas, chick peas and peas..I do not recommend peas but the other two were decent. I am going to try plantains and jerky next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


This weekend is going to be a good one Saturday in Rahway is JAPW and Sunday in Philadelphia CHIKARA. Both shows are always great and I'm sure this weekend will not be different so if your in either area come check out some wrestling and pick up a new Death Rey shirt!!!!


talk to you soon!!!!

Update on an update

Is today the day to blog? Maybe, I was all set to write a little something and I guess that's what I'm doing but this morning I did an interview that got me all typed out.

I have this strange burst of energy now though and should spend it at the gym. So I am off but if I have anything left I'll type up some of my happenings later on this afternoon.

Hope everyone is having a superb day so far.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Today's the day

I am officially thirty! After a restless night I am up and doing cardio before heading to the great white I hope It's not too white yet .

Last night I had a great night with the Kings of Wrestling I'm Detroit, no neither were declared the survivor of the fittest but both had great showing and we all know they deserved to won. Tonight I guarantee victory for them and me!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the shoe especially my number one Jon ;)

Hope to see some of you tonight!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Two more days of being in my twenties

And so it goes on….The final countdown…well, not The Final but you know what I mean.


I know my birthday is going to pass too fast and with the travel I’ll need to keep some sort of schedule but I feel the need to do something completely different with myself on Saturday. Maybe I’ll experiment on Monday…you know change it up, do things out of my comfort zone. I’ll let you know how that turns out!


Hot off the presses in all sizes (s-xl) Black and Gold Deathrey shirts. This will be the last printing of the gun shirt so if you want one now's the time…well not literally now because they are not up in my shop now but will be soon! That’s sounds like another good project for Monday…


What I watched this week:


Besides the normal Housewife's, Top Chef just deserts, Raw, Who’s the boss, Regis and Kelly and the wonderful Wendy Williams I got into Modern family season one and caught my third episode of Glee. I think I need to start with Glee from season one it was enjoyable but I think I am missing some stuff. Now Modern Family is the show! I laugh out loud every episode..For anyone who hasn’t seen it do it. I LOVE all the characters..usually I am on the fence about one but not here. Everyone is great even the kids…I recommend starting at the beginning it was funny right off the bat!


That’s it for now, hope everyone keeps the Veterans in their hearts today and everyday!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Here comes the rain

I LOVE waking up to that sound and smell! I am so glad I went to the track Tuesday and Wednesday and enjoyed the outside when I could. Next is snow and I am sooooo ready! I have been waiting all year for the show, I was not done with it last year. When even people  hear I am from California they ask is I miss the weather, yes I do for the most part but LOVE real winters.


Last week I had off wrestling and it looks like this week I will be off too and I realized I need a hobby or to go back to school. TV is just not a suitable pastime for a soon to be 30 year old. I must say with NXT not being on Tuesday nights I miss it..I know I can watch it on the internet but it is so not the same. I heard Maxine got eliminated this week…I thought she was features a lot so I am a little surprised she got the boot. I feel like this show has been on forever but this is only the second elimination…what's the deal?


One more TV topic…Who’s watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Beverly Hills? Why, I don’t know really what interests me about these shows but I am hooked. So far in BH I do not like Camille the wife of Kelsey Grammer and after googleing them to make sure the names were spelled right WOW. For those of you that like drama they have it..I almost feel bad not liking her now…ahh dilemmas.


Oh man, I should have saved my “one more TV topic” for Top Chef Just Desserts . Maybe another day!


Hope everyone is in the middle a a wonderful week!