Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Maybe not the best mood to write a blog in

But I'm doing it anyways….you ever wake up just angry????? Welcome to me today!!!

I will try to give a positive report about my travels and wrestling this weekend and it shouldn't be hard because I really did have a good time it was just spotted with what I shall call rain clouds.


My work weekend started off at 3:30 am on Sunday when I had to get myself up and moving to the airport! No,  this I do not consider a rain cloud…I love the mornings and was heading to San Antonio so I was all smiles! After two quick flights, a nap, 1 Venti coffee and the Maria Kanellis shoot I was there!


I also listened to the new Eminem CD and that needed its own space because it is REALLY good. I am not that into music…but i am into talented people and I was really blown away!


Back to San Antonio and the first rain cloud….I found out Nicole Matthews had been held at the boarded :( This is no good….come on America don’t we have bigger problems to tackle? How is the Gulf of Mexico looking these days?????


Despite the absence of Nicole ACW put on a great show and a super tournament. I didn’t get as far as I would have liked but I can’t be bitter Jessica James deserved the win…that day. I recommend everyone check out this DVD when it is released and check the website for what I am sure will be AMAZING picture!


Thanks to everyone that came out…especially Leslie and Matthew my #1 in Texas! Its the support of people like you that makes what we do worthwhile!


On to Sunday and SIX FLAGS…More flags more fun! I woke up at 7 all pumped to get to the park and start the day…unfortunately I was not being picked up until 11. I sat around and enjoyed the first half of the Netherlands/Slovakia game and played with my phone. This is the first trip I went on with it an di must give it 5 stars!


After meeting up with about twenty of Anarchy Championships finest we were into the park. I had to leave the park early so I was determined to ride all the big, good rides I could before I had to left. After splitting from the pack my mission started! Quickly I hit another rain cloud….In my excitement I accidentally ran through a restricted area and was chased down by a very bitter security guard that felt the need to treat me a grow woman of almost 30 like a child. This man was so rude and informed me (and the others in the group) that we were not allowed on this ride the rest of the day because of the simple and honest mistake. Now I am not into conflict or making scenes but this guy was overly rude and really out of line the way he handled the situation so instead of loosing my mind on him I complaint to the hospitality people and received a fast pass to the ride!!!


That was cool but he already pissed me off so I didn’t even enjoy the stupid ride. Thank goodness the next ride was awesome and cleared the grey skies for the rest of the day! The fun group I was with also contributed to the clearing of the weather and we we were able to ride all the '”good ones” before I had to go….and really how could I not have a good time with characters like this around….




Then the day went downhill….Starting with flight delays and rescheduling and ending with a five a.m. arrival to my home. At least I made it!!!!


Today I start an all natural cleanse… I am one meal in and already miss Ketchup…..I suspect it will get easier and I am actually looking forward to the next few days and seeing how creative I get with flavors. I will let you know how it goes!


Hope clear skies are on the horizon for everyone!



Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh Yeah!!!!

This IS happening!



Check out ROH for more details!!!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Keeping my fingers crossed

Myspace has quickly become a major headache but after the advice of a knowledgeable twitterer I hopefully figured it out. If anyone is interested in contacting me here is the place to do it…or better yet Tweet me!

Some quick other notes:

Looking forward to ACW this Sunday

Looking forward to my first round match

Confused on how to train to fight a ninja

Hate Danielle from RHWNJ…might write to Bravo

Love my new phone still

Feel very connected and have mastered an acceptable amount of functions

Anyone know any cool apps?


Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!!!



Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hello Saturday

What a beautiful morning…perfect for blog writing. I have the World Cup on in the background, coffee brewed and a new phone to mess with!!!

I am a happy girl…well more happy than normal…maybe..lets just say it’s not a morning I want to rush through.


So while I mentioned the World Cup I might as well speak a little on that. I NEVER watches soccer or Football if you want before but I must say I am really enjoying it. I usually catch all 3 games a day and even though I nap in the middle I have really been into it all. I think the commentators do a great job of explaining the backgrounds of each team and it makes me more interested in what's going on. Like I was really happy for Greece scoring a goal yesterday it’s not like the Olympics where I wanted the US to win just because they are the US…I can get behind the underdogs and it has been really exciting with some great upsets.


Another sport I NEVER watched before Basketball. I found myself super into the playoffs though and held my breath till the last minute of game seven like I am sure many people did. I was rooting for the Celtics though and guess I have a new team to watch next year!


HTC EVO- Now this is a phone! I am pretty sure I do not even know half of what it does yet but I am learning and will hopefully be a pro before next week…I can’t wait to see how it travels!


For those interested I started me Extreme Fitness class this past Thursday and it went well. I am not convinced it is Extreme though because the fitness level of the few who showed up was low but hopefully I will get them to the Extreme level!

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend and talk to you soon!



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How could I forget????

Just announced I will again be in TNA!

It finally happened

Yes, Yes for those of you who are curious the dark cloud that was over Lufisto Vs. Sara Delrey has been lifted! Promoters have been trying to book this match for a solid 3 years but due to circumstances out of both of our hands in never happened. Finally  NCW Femmes Fatales was able to pull it off. I heard lots of great feedback from the match and the other matches that I saw were great so I hope everyone checks it out when it’s available on DVD!


Montreal was the best thing that happened to me last week, and to be specific while the wrestling was great and all the staff and performers were sweet as pie the real BEST was Jon, Leslie and Anthony coming from the states to show support! It was awesome you guys made the trip and hung out after, I know not just myself but all the girls were really happy to have your there….Even the Ninjas!


So this week I am gearing up for Iron Girls in Manchester, NH I am all stoked to be a part of this tournament and hopefully I'll go far :)


Take care all and see you soon!



Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Yeah all in one fabulous weekend!


A continuation of my ketchup blogs… get it….ketchup/catch up?


After a week at home it was time to get back into the swing of my world. That means catching up on workouts for the week, leaning up my diet ALOT and gearing up for a big weekend.


I got home Tuesday night after a very painless day of travel thanks to some classic All Japan Womens that kept me company. I know the time difference is only 3 hours but I was exhausted and couldn't wait to go to bed so I could sleep in.  

I didn’t disappoint and slept in the next morning but had to get a move on once awake because I had a packed day of Gym, tanning, grocery shopping and training. Or GTGT for all you Jersey Shore fans…I’m taking it to a new level!

Friday was ROH TV and I had a match with Reggie. I really love the experience and challenge of wrestling on TV and I wrestled Reggie a few years ago at OVW so I was extra excited to compete. The match went well and I was really happy to have the Kings and Hagadorn with me like. I must say we are the best unit in wrestling today hands down. The rest of the night went well and I got to support the Kings in their victory vs. Dark City Fight Club.

Saturday was a bit of a bur, I needed to finish up my workouts for the week which means I had to do two workouts before heading to the first of two shows. This is the time I started thanking the Starbucks gods…I will and did make it through with a huge smile and tons of energy thanks to 3 region blend.

At ROH I had a match vs. Jamila Croft the masked student of Daizee Haze and Delirious. I knew she had been trained well so I was looking forward to the match but I didn’t expect as much fight as she brought. I predict her having a very bright future in the world of wrestling.

Next it was off to JAPW. Here I was set to face Annie Social but the real story of the night was getting to meet LIger. I actually meet him years ago when he came and taught a class at the New Japan Dojo…I wasn’t sure he would remember me but I guess not a lot of girls get to train with him so lucky me he remembered. I was so flattered! He even watched my match and gave me some very nice compliments…. Yeah a total WOW moment.


I should just end the blog now…nothing else I can type can beat that but I will continue for those of you die hard Del Rey fans.


Onto Sunday…..and an afternoon of CHIKARA fun. I must admit I was disappointed in the outcome of my match but then watched the rest of the show and quickly had my spirits lifted. For anyone on the fence about whether or not to get this DVD when  Smart Mark releases it believe me you NEED this. 

With that this blog is done…I hope you have enjoyed the ketchup.

Oh I should briefly talk about the Dangerous Women of Wrestling show I was on this part Thursday…It was the most interesting locker room I have ever had the pleasure of being in. Tons of fun and from what I saw of the show WOW not the same WOW as the Liger thing but a totally different WOW.

Hope everyone had a safe Memorial day and ate as much god BBQ as I did :)


See ya,