Sunday, July 4, 2010

Its the 4th of July!

I wish I was going to a BBQ or something…..I really didn't even realize it was a holiday until the guy at my gym let me know they would be closing early today. Oh well I will still be able to get my workout in and yesterday was the last of a 5 day all natural cleanse so I think its best if I don’t go wild and eat a bunch of BBQ crap.


I am so happy to have protein powder and Crystal Light back in my life! I have a new favorite flavor…

CrystalLightNaturalCranberryApple62qt2.3oz65gSo yum!!!!!


Last night I ventured to the Jersey Shore and upon arrival I was stunned at how pretty it was..I took part in the TNA house show as many of you know…. a big thank you to everyone that came out. It was an awesome atmosphere and even though I was not victorious the JAPW Women's title was not on the line so I am still a champion :)


Upon departure from the shore I was blown away at just how real the scenes from TV are…every other person I saw could have been Snooki! It was quite the experience…


I made a mad dash home hoping to catch the last of UFC 116 but failed. I did make it home in time for the Carwin/Lesnar  fight to still be available on youtube so I got to see the good stuff anyways…anyone else surprised with the outcome? I would not have predicted that finish but that is what I like about MMA you just never know…anything can happen!


Well folk I guess that's it for now…

I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th!




  1. Hi Sara,

    Happy 4th of July. Sorry you were not victorious, but I am sure you gave them Hell, and you are still Champ. Who was your opponent? Just completed Volume 29. The quality gets better with each Volume.

    Take care.


  2. I sure did! My match was vs. Angelina Love I have been a fan of her for years so I was pretty stoked. Glad your enjoying SHIMMER!!!

  3. Happy 4th Sara!

    how did the cleanse go?since i didn`t hear about antone dying from a stomp to the chest i take it went ok!i wianted to get to your match but had to take care of my sick baby girl.still dying to see you live!my 3 year old daughter loves you(along w/daizee and mschif) she even runs around doing your entrance theme(boom-boom-boom-ahhhh)than yells "i`m sara del rey!!!" too cute.we have started calling her baby death ray!

  4. The match with Angelina Love was really entertaining. Both of your moves were very crips. You play a good heel.

    I enjoyed the TNA card.

    Hope you have a good summer.

  5. Cleanse went great! I like doing new and different things with my diet so I was pumped. Your daughter sounds adorable hopefully you guys can make it out to a show so I can meet her...C-Rex maybe?

    Glad you enjoyed the TNA card...I did as well :)

  6. sara not to be a mark but i have seen you defeat alot better gals than ms. love fan or no fan i know and everyone else knows who should have had her hand held high in asbury park!!! just a quick example that lil tournament last month in nh. that hardly anyone knows about when you stopped mercedes martinez for all the marbles!!! you go girl dennis from boston

  7. C-rex = CHIKARASURAS REX. July 25th Philadelphia...check it out!

  8. DREDD719: Happy 4th Death Ray