Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hopefully tonight will be better

After getting pinned by Daizee Haze in Ky and loosing last night to the Briscoes and Kong I am determined for a win tonight in Chicago. It has been a GREAT trip so far besides the match outcomes....

I must admit I am doing a horrible job taking pictures to share with you but will try to snap a few today!

Hope to see some of you soon!


  1. You'll put it to em next time... no one can escape the Death Rey!

  2. HI SARA,


  3. I SARA! I am a fan of your skills in the ring. I admire the passion you have for the sport of wrestling. But I would like to ask a question and the question is. Do you talk with your opponent before the match about how's the match is gone to go or is it all improvised in the ring. Because some wrestlers go over the match in the back and some let their opponent know what move or spot is coming during the match. So for you which is it? Because the match between you and Hamada looked like y'all just improvised through the whole match.

  4. Hi Malcolm,

    To answer your question yes I do talk to my opponents before the matches but not so much about the match. I like to just go out there and do what I do.....