Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Maybe not the best mood to write a blog in

But I'm doing it anyways….you ever wake up just angry????? Welcome to me today!!!

I will try to give a positive report about my travels and wrestling this weekend and it shouldn't be hard because I really did have a good time it was just spotted with what I shall call rain clouds.


My work weekend started off at 3:30 am on Sunday when I had to get myself up and moving to the airport! No,  this I do not consider a rain cloud…I love the mornings and was heading to San Antonio so I was all smiles! After two quick flights, a nap, 1 Venti coffee and the Maria Kanellis shoot I was there!


I also listened to the new Eminem CD and that needed its own space because it is REALLY good. I am not that into music…but i am into talented people and I was really blown away!


Back to San Antonio and the first rain cloud….I found out Nicole Matthews had been held at the boarded :( This is no good….come on America don’t we have bigger problems to tackle? How is the Gulf of Mexico looking these days?????


Despite the absence of Nicole ACW put on a great show and a super tournament. I didn’t get as far as I would have liked but I can’t be bitter Jessica James deserved the win…that day. I recommend everyone check out this DVD when it is released and check the website for what I am sure will be AMAZING picture!


Thanks to everyone that came out…especially Leslie and Matthew my #1 in Texas! Its the support of people like you that makes what we do worthwhile!


On to Sunday and SIX FLAGS…More flags more fun! I woke up at 7 all pumped to get to the park and start the day…unfortunately I was not being picked up until 11. I sat around and enjoyed the first half of the Netherlands/Slovakia game and played with my phone. This is the first trip I went on with it an di must give it 5 stars!


After meeting up with about twenty of Anarchy Championships finest we were into the park. I had to leave the park early so I was determined to ride all the big, good rides I could before I had to left. After splitting from the pack my mission started! Quickly I hit another rain cloud….In my excitement I accidentally ran through a restricted area and was chased down by a very bitter security guard that felt the need to treat me a grow woman of almost 30 like a child. This man was so rude and informed me (and the others in the group) that we were not allowed on this ride the rest of the day because of the simple and honest mistake. Now I am not into conflict or making scenes but this guy was overly rude and really out of line the way he handled the situation so instead of loosing my mind on him I complaint to the hospitality people and received a fast pass to the ride!!!


That was cool but he already pissed me off so I didn’t even enjoy the stupid ride. Thank goodness the next ride was awesome and cleared the grey skies for the rest of the day! The fun group I was with also contributed to the clearing of the weather and we we were able to ride all the '”good ones” before I had to go….and really how could I not have a good time with characters like this around….




Then the day went downhill….Starting with flight delays and rescheduling and ending with a five a.m. arrival to my home. At least I made it!!!!


Today I start an all natural cleanse… I am one meal in and already miss Ketchup…..I suspect it will get easier and I am actually looking forward to the next few days and seeing how creative I get with flavors. I will let you know how it goes!


Hope clear skies are on the horizon for everyone!




  1. Hey Sara,

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your day and week. I have times myself where I just wake up angry even if I went to bed happy. The Eminem album is pretty sick from a content and lyrical point of view. What was your favorite song. For me its the one with Lil Wayne. Damn those "Rent-A-Cops", I mean security guards. I meet Daizee Haze who I think is in that picture the other day. She was really cool in person.


  2. sara
    cleanse while starting in a bad mood?every time i do a cleanse i get mad as the toxins go away.sorry your six flags trip wasn`t good. i used to be a warden for the six flags wild safari in NJ and other than animal`s safety i tried to make sure everyone who came through had a great time.(with the money it costs they should!)i too met daizee but it was at a respect show and had no idea how pretty and nice she realy was.she looks so much better in person rather than on video.do you find it hard to get motivated to work-out while cleansing , the first few days i have sooooo little energy!

  3. I like so many of the songs the lil Wayne one is good. I like the one about leaving his girlfriend...nor sure of the name.

    My six flag trip was not ruined just got off to a bad start ;) Yes Daizee is very nice and pretty and FUNNY!

    I don't find it hard to motivate myself for the gym hit this is the dirt day...I'll let you know at the end of the week..

  4. Hi Sara,

    Too bad about Nicole Matthews missing the tournament,but if she was near Toronto, there was nothing but chaos. Maybe you, Nicole & Jessica could have a fatal three way @ Shimmer.

    You are right about Security Guards (Frustrated Cops) the Gulf of Mexico, etc. etc. etc.

    Take care.

  5. Sara,

    The Eminem CD IS really good. I like that song where he sampled Ozzy Osbourne.

    The ACW show was great and while you didn't win it is always a pleasure watching you wrestle.

    And speaking of amazing pictures, while the quality might not be the best I still like this pic:


    Me and the lovely members of BKD. w00t! :-D

    Thanks for the shoutout Sara! You still haven't tweeted me though! lol.

    Sorry about your bad start to Six Flags. The people there do suck. But I'm glad you had fun.

    Take care and good luck with your cleanse!

    -Matthew (#1 in Texas!)

  6. Matthew what's your Twitter name?

  7. Hey Matthew,

    I have nothing from you!!!

  8. I just tweeted at you again. Maybe you have me blocked or something? http://twitter.com/TLCMatt

  9. Yes, what a fun weekend! Glad you got to participate in the long-standing Southern tradition that is Six Flags over Texas.

    See you in Philly! Maybe Chicago if I can work out the logistics, as I'd love to see you put those Briscoes in their place :)

  10. Pics of your match and promo pics are up at http://www.texasanarchy.com/6-27-10.html hope to see you soon!