Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today's a ten

Good luck with this.... It took me 50 min to complete.

You'll need a jump rope and a deck of cards

You know the deal face cards=10, aces=15 and numbers are obviously the number

5 min steady jump rope to warm up

Go through the deck

Hearts - burpee (jump to the sky hands over your head, hands on the floor jump back into plank)

Diamonds - walk out push ups (place hands on the floos near feet walk out into a plank do the pushup, walk your hands back and stand straight up each time)

Spades - table makers (some call them hip raises)

Clubs - squat knee lift (hands on head, squat then raise your right knee to your right elbow, squat again left knee to left elbow this counts as one)

Finish with 1 min wall sit


Like I said good luck!

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