Friday, March 30, 2012

Yesterday's cardio

While I have som free time I might as well give you guys something not to look forward too.

I always imagine how great I'll feel after these cardio sessions I dream up but never realize how hard they will be to actually get through.

This one I would put at a 8 or 9 difficulty level. Or I was just really tired and made it extra difficult

Here we go

You'll need a deck of cards and a jump rope.

Warm up 5 min fast feetjumping with the rope

Deck of cards (you know the rep deal if not check past posts)

Hearts= burpee
Diamonds= long front lunges ( step out as far as you can and back)
Spades= crab taps (crab or table positiolift and touch opposite leg to hand)
Clubs= table makers (sit legs straight out I front of you hands on the ground, swing hips up to a table position)


Good luck!

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  1. These last two days of travel have really made me re evaluate my profession.

    well Sara don't let that get you down if your tired of flying around start to drive or take trains.

    we can't lose Sara Del Rey over America Airlines start caring about the people that take your plane and hire more then a person to work the booking line. try 4 to 5 people so the line move quicker.