Monday, March 12, 2012

If you are not a fan of uphill sprints

This cardio is NOT for you.

You will need a treadmill and guts

Warm up incline of 8 speed 3.8-4 for 5 minute

Increase incline to 15 and do 15 min of sprints (30 on 30 sec recover)I had a speed of 5.5

Drop incline to 8 and do another 15 min of sprints (30 sec on 30 recover)my speed was 6.5

Slow down to your starting speed on this incline for 5 min of cool down


When I thought of this cardio it seemed fairly easy but half way through I could taste my heart beating!!! That's a good sign right?


  1. I guess the secret is out as to why your lower body is so thick and strong! I tried doing the wall sits last night, and just doing that burned my thighs. I workout regularly, but these unconditional methods will definitely throw a wrench into workouts and make you have to really work.

    I was wondering one thing about the 30 second recoveries... Do you just bring the speed all the way down or do you just move it back to a walking pace to recover? I want to make sure I'm doing everything right to get the full SDR workout experience aka heart pounding, sweat dripping hell!

  2. Hey Sara:

    what your thoughts on all these Westlers passing away it sad some even die alone after they give to us fans there blood and sweat and tears. I tell you what they live though us all in our hearts RIP all 12 that pass away this year!and too the ones that pass away earlyer please look over all our wrestlers women's and men's and protect them all!!!

  3. For the recovery I hop off the machine, like straddle the belt. So it stays at the speed I need for the sprints

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