Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Back on the horse

I never got off just forgot to update you all.

So here it is yesterday's cardio....I'll rank it a 6 on the 1-10 difficulty scale no the worlds hardes cardio but it did the trick.

You'll need a treadmill

Start and a jog speed 5.5 ish For 5 min

Speed up the pace for 10 min of sprints I did 7.5. 30 sprint 30 second rest

Slow down the pace for 5 min of walking lunges.

Another 5 min jog

10 more min of sprints

And you guessed it 5 min of walking lunges.

Your done!

I cooled down othe treadmill just quickened the pace to a brisk walk for a few min then stretched.

Not so bad right?


  1. A 6 on the SDR scale is like a 11 to a normal human though.

  2. I agree, these 5 min lunges are tough.