Friday, March 9, 2012

Elliptical circuit

Obviously you'll need an elliptical machine for today's cardo.

5 min steady warm up

1 min as fast as you can on a medium level (I did 5)

30 seconds on a hard level (I did 10)

Drop back down to your medium level for another minute as fast as you can

Hop off and do

10 push ups
20 Mt. Climbers ( right/left counts as one)
10 hop squats

Back on at a steady speed for a minute and a half to recover.

Repeate entire thing. I did this six times and it took about 40 min.

I also alternated directions on the elliptical one set forward then the next in reverse (when going in reverse squat down and stick your butt out, it looks funny but you can feel it much better)

To finish up I did a minute and a half wall sit. First 30 seconds feet together toes pointed forward, next 30 heels together toes pointed out and you guessed it last 30 toes together with your heels separated.

Just pack on the elliptical for a cool down at a stead speed.


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