Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Brought to you today

By CHIKARAS own Batiri.

I train hard so when I am faced with obsticales like the the idiocy of my colleagues I know I am mentally and physically stronger.

You will need a stop watch, jump rope and threadmill

Start with 5 min jog no incline

Speed up for 5 min of 30 second sprints.

Hop off

5 min steady pace jump rope

Back on the threadmill this time at an incline of 12 for 10 min of 30 second sprints

Hop off

5 more min of steady jump rope

Back on the threadmill for another set of 5 min 30 sec sprints no incline

And you guessed it 5 min steady jog no incline

All done.

I rode my bike to and from the gym so considered that a warm up and cool down but if not start and finish with a brisk walk and stretch!

See ya


  1. What speeds did you do this at?

  2. Any more of the classic Rey Gun t-shirts coming Sara? I wanted to buy one before they become collectors items with u going to the wwe and all....

  3. Flat jog was a 5.5, flat sprints 8, incline speed was 6

    I do have new ones for shimmer and will put the remainder up in the weeks after

    1. Sounds good, I'll be waiting to snap a couple up...

  4. Thanks! I'll try it next time I hit the gym and will be looking forward to the rest.