Thursday, March 22, 2012

Been a little busy

So I have been slacking on the cardio posts. Never fear I have still been training just not updating you, hope you have had the time, energy and drive to keep on without me.

So SHIMMER happened!

I am so mad at Courtney Rush for making me a Tag Champion...Yes two belts are better than one and I deserve them both but it means I have to keep putting up with her. What to do?

I will have to put my annoyance with her on the back burner for this weekend while I take on and out Kobalt the little troll with the big mouth. Lets just say this in not a good week to be on my bad side and you little bugger will feel my wrath.

I think I have sufficiently worked myself up to go do some leg training....Talk to you soon!


  1. just throw the title down and say I don't do Tag matches because I'm not a people person. or you can lay down and let someone beat you lol like that will ever will happen it will be a cold day before we see that!!!

  2. I still say that Sunday's tag title 4 way match was one of my all time favorite matches I've ever seen live. The emotion and story was fantastic. The crowd blew the roof off the Eagles Club when you two one the tag titles. Absolutely fantastic moment.

    There's something to be said for being SHIMMER's first double champion ya know.


  3. Sara Del Rey is a warrior and would never throw a belt no matter the situation. If anything, Sara would tell Courtney to take the day off, and defend the titles herself!

    1. just miss the next few Shimmers and let see how Courtney does by herself lol!!!

  4. I know this isn't exactly on the same thought wavelength, but I just wanted to say that I loved the ring gear you wore this past Shimmer weekend. The black and gold made you look very regal. Which is always a plus when talking about the Queen of Wrestling.

  5. SDR, if you happen to remember a guy in the front row at "Green Ice" telling you that Kobald had gone under the ring to throw you off his trail, that was me. Although it didn't end up making a difference, I hope that it made up at least a bit for the fact that when I lasted left comments on this blog it was to say that I didn't particularly want to see Marchie Archie lose to you earlier in the season. (It's mainly that I just think his losing streak's gone on long enough; I kind of wanted to see him beat Dasher tonight as well.)

    Anyway, alls you gotta do now is get a trio together to nullify that numbers advantage, and then you can go about getting some payback against the Batiri.