Saturday, October 30, 2010

14 more days

The countdown continues…..I’m starting to get excited. Thank you to everyone who has already sent nice things and kind works I have decided I am stoked to be 30! I want the celebration to start today..I guess I can make that happen…celebration party of one! I have never been more pumped so far out, not sure that even made sense but you know what I mean. I need to change the subject though because it’s not even 9 in the morning and I am getting WAY to excited.


Speaking of it being so freakin early, you might ask yourself why I am up on one of my very rare weekends off. Well, you’ll have to take that up with my cat. He insisted 7:30 was the time to play and once I open my eyes and see sunlight I am ready to go. I am not thrilled about this so after minimal attention and grooming for the cat I am here on the computer. The past few days I’ve made a conscience effort to not go online but for no reason other than being lazy..not sure what I was thinking or why I needed to rebel but I did and now I’m paying for it…I had tons of catching up to do.

Most important in my time away from the computer I was able to watch more Las Vegas…and more of Tom Selleck’s mustache! Man, that’s a good one! Is it me or would he have been a FANTASTIC James Bond?


I will leave you all with that thought..oh and Wegman's is the very best grocery store ever!


Happy Halloween


  1. Thirty is gonna be great... I was watching some old matches today, Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes and the Funks, and thinking that a lot of really great wrestlers don't hit their full potential until they're in their thirties... a lot of power lifters, too, for that matter, and that makes me feel confident and pumped up for my own sport. Speaking of good matches, I finally watched yours against Misaki Ohata on Shimmer 32 today and just wanted to say WOW. Intense action and near technical perfection in the same contest just totally blew my mind.

    What awesomeness did you uncover at Wingman's? I'm a grocery store fanatic, and am so happy that I finally found a decent produce department at Earth Fare so that I could make salad's from the Barefoot Contessa show...

  2. I can totally relate to the cat thing, mine's exactly like that too. She pats me on the face with her paw when I'm asleep, and if she doesn't get a response out of me she does it again with the claws out. Ouch.

    A quick question though, and it's probably not something you're even thinking about with all the birthday celebrations and whatnot you'd have going on. :D Do you have any plans to come to Australia in the future? I saw on a PWWA DVD that you'd been out here before, I had no idea!

  3. Wasn't he originally cast as Indiana Jones.

  4. Good old Tom, 1 of my favorites growing up. He would have made a cowboy-like James Bond,lol.

  5. Turning 30 isn't that weird just think of it as the first anniversary of your 29th birthday.