Thursday, November 4, 2010

Here comes the rain

I LOVE waking up to that sound and smell! I am so glad I went to the track Tuesday and Wednesday and enjoyed the outside when I could. Next is snow and I am sooooo ready! I have been waiting all year for the show, I was not done with it last year. When even people  hear I am from California they ask is I miss the weather, yes I do for the most part but LOVE real winters.


Last week I had off wrestling and it looks like this week I will be off too and I realized I need a hobby or to go back to school. TV is just not a suitable pastime for a soon to be 30 year old. I must say with NXT not being on Tuesday nights I miss it..I know I can watch it on the internet but it is so not the same. I heard Maxine got eliminated this week…I thought she was features a lot so I am a little surprised she got the boot. I feel like this show has been on forever but this is only the second elimination…what's the deal?


One more TV topic…Who’s watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Beverly Hills? Why, I don’t know really what interests me about these shows but I am hooked. So far in BH I do not like Camille the wife of Kelsey Grammer and after googleing them to make sure the names were spelled right WOW. For those of you that like drama they have it..I almost feel bad not liking her now…ahh dilemmas.


Oh man, I should have saved my “one more TV topic” for Top Chef Just Desserts . Maybe another day!


Hope everyone is in the middle a a wonderful week!


  1. I have also missed NXT being on TV Tuesday nights. It wasn't perfect, but nothing really is, but it did a good job of introducing new people and relationships to the audience. The internet version of the show is pretty good, though, and even seems kind of improved in some ways because it's much looser and it seems like everyone is really having fun with it. Also, some tropes from high school romantic comedies seem to have seeped into the show. As incongruous as this is, it seems to actually be working because the last couple of shows were rather enjoyable, maybe because it's so different than most of what one sees on a wrestling program.

    The Grammers seem to be... intense. Kelsey Grammer has been one of my favorite actors for a long time, since I loved Frasier ever since I was little, but... wow. The whole thing is sad.

  2. If you did go back to school,what would you take? I thought about that myself but if I did I would want to switch gears and take some film classes. One problem for me is I'm already paying off student loan dept from the nineties. Maybee community college would be better. Oh well,I never get to check out a lot of prime time T.V. since I work nights but I badly wanted to see AMC's new Walking Dead series. Besides getting Mondays off for RAW I usually catch L.A. INK on Wednesdays and Monsterquest whenever. These are my guilty pleasures. L.a. Ink is funny for me because my old roommate used to own the first tattoo shop in town and he would enlist me to help out with customers,find flash designs,run errands,make appointments etc. I was never that fascinated with tattoos per say,but in the process got 32 for myself. Oh well,you might be happy to know I did check out Las Vegas the other day. James Cann and Nikki Cox,why was this show cancelled? The only problem for me is it's on TNT in the middle of the day,which is my bedtime. Have a good one!

  3. Is it just me or does the commentary on NXT kill the whole show. I know there are some lame ass segments on there but the commentators diss every single aspect of the show. WWE really had the chance to shake up the womens divison by getting girls in who aren't the average diva but creative don't have the balls to take the risk. I liked Maxine but I suppose her time was up, I think that it will be between Kaitlyn will win it, even though she has the least wrestling talent of the remaining girls.

  4. Wow a woman who like the rain and snow, you are a rare breed. As for Tv, I stopped watching a while ago accept for the news and wrestling DVD's. Recently I had a back injury and had to stay home and looked at a marathon of the bad girls club season 2 and got hooked. Those damn reality shows are like narcotics.

  5. Hey Death Rey! I'm a happy boy. I've got the night off and the mailman brought my DVD's for Throwdown For The Pound 2,and JAPW-GIRL POWER. I suppose I'll just have to make more popcorn after RAW tonight. Can't wait to check out your match against Sumie Sakai. I gotta tell ya I get the biggest kick out of her but I get the feeling that with you the girl's gonna be in for a world of hurt!!! It should be cool. Well,your big day is almost upon us. Hope your'e excited and you have a great and safe time!

  6. Tonight is the last episode before the finals of TC:Just Desserts! Who do you like to win the whole thing?