Friday, October 1, 2010

So sore

I must have done a few hundred lunges this week but I am happy sore…it makes me feel like I worked hard. I still have lunges today too though so later in the day I might have different feelings. I’m up early so I don't have to rush around before heading to the city four today's ROH TV tapings. Well, that might be a lie. I’m up early because once I wake up and its light out my mind will not let me go back to bed…I get excited for the day…I am a total morning person so I might as well be a productive one too.


Anyone catch Project Runway last night? WOW! Mondo is my favorite and a few weeks ago E! showed clips for the finale and he was not one of the finalists…I was so mad I almost quit watching. Good think I didn't because they were fake finalists (one of them was eliminated tonight), So I am still pulling for my boy Mondo and shame on you E!


This weekend I am heading to Marietta, Oh for some Remix pro wrestling! I will be facing Daffney and I assure you a good fight! If your in the area I hope you can make it!!! I will have my New Death Rey shirts out for sale along with a limited supply of DVD’s and pictures.


For those of you not in the Ohio area tonight I will be in South Philadelphia for ROH tonight. If your interested in seeing the best wrestling on Monday nights taped live come check it out!


Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend no matter what's on your agenda.




  1. I hear girls are going to get their FACES kicked in.

  2. I have insane respect for that amount of lunges, especially if you were doing dumbbell/kettlebell lunges or (even crazier) barbell lunges like the cross-fit guys and girls do. Even free lunges at that level would be pretty awesome. My 10RM on squat is 445 and I can't handle 275 on barbell lunges for more than a few reps... really high rep work impresses me in general, like Karl Gotch doing 2200 Hindu squats. Good grief!

  3. I know, right? I did 500 of those blasted things one time and MAN, I thought I was gonna die... got em all done, though. Besides, the guy who pioneered the German suplex has to be a hero of mine since stuff out of the rear waist-lock was always my signature take-down.