Saturday, October 9, 2010

My morning

I woke up early and true to Saturday morning form nothing good was on TV. Lucky me though I got The Secret of Kells in the mail yesterday. I give this movie two huge thumbs up. I am also as you know a cat lover and seriouslybrendan-and-the-secret-of-kells-pangur-ban have you seen a cuter animated cat?

Now I am off to the gym for some functional and can't wait to get it done (my last workout of the week).

The fest of the day I have 0 plans but might go out shopping just so I am not sitting around. Where is your favorite place to shop? I like Marshalls because they always have everything I need, I like one stop for all my fashion and home needs. I am in the market for a new purse so keep our fingers crossed for me.


Take care!


  1. My favorite animated cat would have to be "Eek The Cat". Nothing cute about him, but he'd always get crap kicked in his face every week. Couldn't break him. Fox Kids in the 90's was awesome compared to the current stuff on the air these days.

    I've never been to Marshalls. I'll have to check that out.

  2. do you like big cats too?one of the zoos i worked at had a leopard i got along with great, i would call him over and he would give kisses and purr like a kitten!i actualy left after the owner sold the leopards.

  3. OH WOW you got to play with Leopards? What do you do at the zoo?

  4. i`ve worked with everything from elephants to cobras to tigers and everything in between.i was a keeper(basicaly clean animal crap and set the animal`s diets)but i did get to interact with many.i`ve been groomed by hamadrayes baboons,been kissed by white rhinos,wrestled with tiger cubs and my absolute favorite animalthe leopard gave kisses rubbed against me and even wrestled with me!

  5. Stimpy begs to differ, on the cat thing, Sara.

    Ren, of course, being the sexiest of the cartoon dogs too.