Thursday, April 1, 2010

JAPW April 17th

Just announced! Can’t miss action…..CHECK IT OUT!!!


  1. Should be a great event! I have question and my question is. What made you become the heel you are today? Because your heel turn was and still is great, because it's the total opposite of when you were a face. It's funny how in wrestling you went from determined to disturbed to arrogant, but deadly.

  2. The simple fact is I got pissed off because I realized how much better, how much harder I work than every other girl.

  3. Have you wrestled Ayumi Kurihara before?

    Sara's more fun as a heel. Click on the hyperlink on my name to see how I fantasy booked Sara for the 3/20/2010 JAPW show. Something like that would be fun...but maybe for the 5/22/2010 JAPW show.