Friday, April 16, 2010

SHIMMER and 10 other matches!

What a weekend!!!

First I must say their is no other feeling in the world like waking up in your own bed. If only Project Runway didn’t keep me up till 11 I would have gone straight to bed as soon as I got back from the gym. I knew my sleep was going to be great and wish I had more time in bed (It’s not possible to stay in bed past 7:30…cat issues) but nonetheless wonderful sleep and looking forward to tonight.


My work week started early Saturday with flying to Chicago for Shimmer. Meeting up with all the ladies and office at the hotel and getting my room situated. Then off to Starbucks!!!!! First Starbucks of the day….oh so good. Then to the building, I think the locker room was about 34 girls deep so after securing a spot and saying hello to everyone is was time to get ready for the days events.


I wish I could share some details with you or tell you what matches I was able to watch but It is all a little blurry…I'm sure if I concentrate really hard a few highlights would pop out at me but I’ll just continue and if any of you have specific questions you can post them and I'll rack my brain for you.


I know from what I did see over the first day I really enjoyed…These tapings seemed to have a very cool balance of matches with the addition on the Japanese talent.


After the show we stopped by 39ten to say hi and chat a little then off to grab a quick bite of food and sleep. Me doing neither made for a very long night. I was up at 6am doing laundry and thought I could go online for a minute but was accosted by a desperate man who needed my help and computer savvy to help catch his girlfriends lover. I entertained him for what turned out to be 45 minutes!!!! Despite the character I play in the ring I am a nice girl and felt bad for this guy. I am actually happy I was little help because he then told me he was a black belt in taekwondo and showed me a few cool takedowns. Who knows what he would have done if he found the cheater…So not a complete waste of my time.

Then back to the room to get ready for the days events. Once ready we were off again and with another stop at Starbucks I was feeling great! Same as the day before little blurry but very fun. I was overall pleased with all my matches ( until I see them) and thought once again what I saw of the rest of the show was great.


I can’t remember any other set of tapings having so many matches I was interested in and excited to see. I can’t wait for the DVD’s to come out!!!


After another full day of wrestling it was back to 39ten. The highlight was my amazing steak salad and getting to hang out with Jon ( No H just like Sara). Also being informed that I am no good on commentary which I refuse to believe! 


Back at the hotel for another night of not sleeping. Monday morning myself along with some Canadians and Australians headed to Tampa for Slammin ladies. We were all walking zombies but I needed to go to the gym. Despite my   lack of sleep I was able to have a great leg workout and hyped myself to do cardio. If anyone wants to be motivated go to a gym in Florida….Almost everyone was in amazing shape!


Then my first real sleep came and man was it good.


The next day back to the gym to work with a Personal Trainer and 8 other female wrestlers! This was awesome! We lifted tires, did 32 consecutive burpees (that's a lot), lunged, squatted, sprinted, jumped rope and had an amazing workout..I wish Tony the trainer lived by me.


Back at the slam shack it was wrestling all day. I had 5 matches one being 30 minutes..despite not a lot of sleep, a killer work out and having a cold I felt the best I have ever felt after a SHIMMER weekend. I was pumped to do it all again the next day.


Day started with Tony training again this time only 4 of us so he really pushed us. Again it was amazing. He busted out the sledgehammer and tire again and this time also had hi Jeep Cherokee for us to push. I was so excited to push this truck I cant even tell you…..30 seconds in I realized it was not as fun as I thought. I stuck it out and pushed that darn thing for 2 minutes! Then more ridiculously awesome exercises and 45 min later we were done. I was really hoping we would flip the tire  solo today (the day before we did it in pairs)   so I asked and he let me do 20…how sweet of him right?


Then another 5 matches and a trip to Mimi’s cafe….for those who don’t know..its two thumbs up!


Thursday morning it was back home to Philly and everything was smooth as silk..Surprising I know. My bag was out with little wait and the car park shuttle was speedy..I was just waiting for something to go wrong and it never did.


Back home needless to say my cat was ecstatic to see me but I needed to head out again to my favorite store..the grocery store. I felt so bad leaving him again even though I knew I would be back soon I couldn't make him understand. He cried like a baby…but all was well once I returned.


A quick trip to the gym and I was in for the night. I decided to catch up on Celebrity Apprentice and watched part 1 of the Project Runway season finale…well to be honest I slept through most of Project Runway but I feel caught up anyways.


Then bed and now you are all caught up with me!


One last thing before I go….NEW STRIDE…SHIFT= WOW you must try it!!!!


  1. Your matches at SHIMMER were amazing, as always. I love that you're constantly evolving your style. BTW, what's the name of that fancy "Leg Over the Arm-Kick to the Grille" move? If it doesn't have a name, I'm going to call it the Dixie Carter, since you're (re)Designing Women's faces with it

    See you at Femmes Fatales!

  2. I love that name but I fear it would confuse wrestling fans.

  3. I am new to Shimmer, but you and your team mates are real Professionals. You out shine the WWE & TNA. I am looking forward to watching the DVD's from April.
    Take care.

  4. Thank you I am glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Hi Sara,

    How did you do with your match at ACW? I purchased volume 28, I look forward to viewing it. Congrats to Carrie Underwood for winning Entertainer of the Year.

    Take care.

  6. ACW was great as usual...I think I am in line for a title shot!!

    Hope you enjoy 28, can't wait to hear what you think.

    Kudos to Carrie...that is a great honor!