Saturday, March 27, 2010

While I wait for my cauliflower



I decided to blog talk with you all….

This week I have really perfected my Muffin recipe, Yeah I thought I had it down but the batch I made yesterday was out of this world. I used left over sweet potato that I had instead of the puree and I tried different flavors and all were fantastic! I made strawberry, coffee, cinnamon raisin and chocolate! I think I have a new obsession, I am thinking of making some apple ones today but then I’ll eat them so maybe I'll wait till tomorrow. I also figured out the nutrition information for them. They are about what I thought but I feel better knowing the exact measurements.





You can call me muffin master!






As mentioned in the title I am in the process of making my second food related obsession…cauliflower mash! It looks and tastes just like mashed potatoes but it’s veggies!!! Unbelievable!! It is also yummy hot or cold so I am a fan.

Besides GREAT food this week I also caught a few movies, Michael Jacksons This is It and New Moon. I am not sure what I was expecting from This Is it so it is hard to judge but if you are a fan of Michael Jacksons music you will love this. I enjoyed it but thought it would have more behind the scenes type stuff. New Moon took me a few days to warm up to..I don’t think I liked it a s much as Twilight but it was still good. People keep telling me to get the books because they are much better but I think the story was my biggest problem with New Moon. Oh well I was entertained for two hours so that is what counts right???

UPDATE: Cauliflower is cooked/mashed and in the oven!!!

Onto TV…What a week it was for TV. Dancing with the stars, Celebrity Apprentice, The Soup,American Idol, LOST and Project Runway…How do I keep up? Thank goodness for On Demand! All solid performances this week!!

Next topic…training!! Next months wrestling schedule is jam packed so I need to be in best shape possible. I have really stepped it up in the gym and with my cardio, I so dare anyone to come train with me. This week I did legs 3 time  with a total of 1/2 a mile of lunges. Yeah INSANE but I love pushing myself. Today is YOGA and I should be excited but I have not done it in a while so I am not.

UPDATE: Done and looking good!

 CIMG1442  CIMG1445


Thank you all for keeping me company!

Hope to see you soon!




  1. Sara, do you count your calories? Does being able to cook make it easier or harder to stay in shape?

  2. I actually do not count calories. I would not say I know how to cook...I am in the process of learning but being able to prepare chicken and such does for sure help. Most of my diet is pretty simple oatmeal, eggs, rice, chicken, fish and veggies.