Monday, April 5, 2010

Wake up in the morning feeling like

P. Diddy ???? No, not really but I am curious how he feel mid afternoon.


This week is starting off strong with a new workout!!! HURRAY!!! That should be fun and exciting but I guess not as fun and exciting as my weeks end. Yes that's right its time to SHIMMER! I am so looking forward to seeing all the girls and getting a little break of sorts from my home. I think I love my home too much sometimes…like I don’t want to leave because I like it so much. I guess that is a topic for another time.


Back to SHIMMER, I think this set of tapings has the most interesting match possibilities of all. I might just be a huge Joshi fan and can’t wait to see who faces them and how they measure up. I hope it’s me (fingers crossed). I don’t know much about the talent coming so I am really excited to watch the matches they put on…should be good stuff.


I am all kinds of excited to go grocery shopping after finishing up this blog. I decided besides my home my favorite place to be is the grocery store. My mom thinks I’m obsessed but at least it is a healthy obsession. I am planning on picking up all my travel food today so that might be adding to my excitement slightly.


In other exciting news Kelly comes back today!!! I hope Regis does not take a week off now…I need them together filling me in on the happenings of the world. The View and Wendy better be back this week too….I feel very out of touch with my current gossip and hot topics.


Last exciting update…New shirts should be coming in this week!!!!! And the crowd go wild!!! HURRAYYY, YIPPY, WHHOOO! I will try to get them up online ASAP and will have them with me this weekend. Hope to see some of you there!!!

HAPPY day to late Easter to you all!




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  2. Hey Sara,

    Good Luck for all upcoming matches. I was curious to wonder what type of music you listen to while you train or right before a match? I am guessing you might be one of those people who enjoy all types of music. I myself enjoy everything but a short toleration for country.


  3. New Shirts!? Could those be the new black ones with the logo on it??

    What a birthday gift for meeeee...

    Too bad you couldn't gift wrap for me LOL!

  4. Anthony,

    I am not that into music..I like anything I can sing along to. Right now it's Taylor Swift :)

    While I train I listen to oldies...mostly love songs..I don't know why..


    My new shirts are black with a logo.

    Will you be at SHIMMER?

  5. Ohata vs Daizee Haze. Lobby for this contest asap!

  6. That sounds amazing... I will try

  7. Only if you could fly me to the show Sara lol

    so I could purchase this and other fine collectibles. As well as ask you a very important
    question.. lol