Thursday, April 29, 2010

From Jim Ross

Women's Wrestling: "We get lots of emails from fans of women's wrestling. I hate to break the news to you die hards of this specific genre but unless the decision makers change their philosophy, and my money is on them not doing so, women's wrestling is essentially going to remain a supplement to the overall product that will remain positioned to appease to the male demo by providing sex appeal. Don't kill the messenger on this one but one can see this play out each week on TV. Yes, there are some very athletic women in wrestling, and, yes, there are some very lovely and hard working, dedicated ladies in wrestling, but the days of these ladies athletic abilities being fully utilized don't see to me to be eminent. Provocative entrances and ring attire along with suggestive language seem to indicate that the dye has been cast and the women in today's wrestling world know their role and most seem to be happy to have the work and to be getting TV exposure. Perhaps the athletic side of these women will become somewhat more of a focus."


No, I am not mad I am motivated!


Mr.Ross is so right and I think we as wrestling fans want better and need to make the collective decision to make it better. That is why promotions like SHIMMER exist…to give the girls a fighting chance to do what they love.


  1. I respect Ross, but he has got it all wrong. He is like Vince McMahon, part of the old school. Fans want to see women athletic wrestling, and that is why Shimmer is a success. Just like in the Olympics, Women in Wrestling will prevail. Models trying to wrestle over athletic ability does not cut it.

  2. I am no convinced that is his feelings I think he was just being honest about the state of women wrestling now.

  3. I'm not sure if i was annoyed or shocked by JR's comment. He's entitled to it I mean what do i know about the business other than what I would watch. Which hasn't been women wrestling on the WWE in about 10 years. The talent is out there, due to promotions like SHIMMER the demand is out there, the big wigs have to be willing to take a chance and make a change.

  4. I agree with you Sara. Ross always words things in his blogs very carefully. Notice that no where does he say that that's what he prefers, or would promote if he were in charge, only that this is how things are and he doesn't see things change anytime soon. I'd wager that if he had his way, he would promote the women much more like Shimmer does.

  5. Well I trust that JR would prefer the athletic women over the models. I think he has made his preference for old school athletic wrestling clear over the years.

    The real issue is the ignorance of the WWE's front office. They run the models out there thinking they are what the men in the audience want to see. They see the teenage and adult men ogle them and perhaps get a ratings spike whenever they run a holiday themed bikini contest. The company has for so long been built around the male wrestlers and the bookers are so out of touch that they don't realize that there is a vibrant female independent scene. They seemed to be satisfied keeping the women's division as a side show of sex.

    This is stupid on there part as I believe not only would the fans enjoy GOOD female wrestling, but they are also missing the chance at making stars (which seems to be the WWE's prime motivation). The best they can hope for from the majority of their female competitors is an appearance in Playboy and a gig on a reality tv show. Because they usually put the big boobs and blonde clause in the job requirements they are denying themselves not the next Stacy Keibler, but the next Stone Cold.

  6. Sara,I agree that Ross was being honest about woman wrestling, however, he wasn't to optimistic about the future. The true fans of wrestling are going to demand a quality women's division in the various venues. WWE & TNA are in chaos because of poor management. Your team in Shimmer should continue to Market your events because alot of people are not aware of Shimmer.

  7. I think the biggest issue is female fans. I as a fan of wrestling do not want to see chicks displayed the way they are on TV. If I saw actual womens wrestling match I would tell everyone to check it out. In the early 90s in Japan the girls were selling out the Tokyo Dome with the majority of the fans being female. I know more tom boys than I know girlie girls and they have money and want to be entertained just like everyone else.

  8. Hey Sara,

    I also agree that the above words are more than likely not Jim Ross exact thoughts on what women wrestling as more of an observation and realistic prediction on where it is going from a national tv perspective. Luckily we do have other Indy promotions that showcase good women's wrestling and promotions like Shimmer and WSU that focuses strictly on amazing female atheltes. Especially the best "Sara Del Rey"

    Btw, Are you still going to make it to Pro Wrestling Fan Fest on May 8th?


  9. DREDD: I think it really sucks that hard working women get overlooked for someone who is only in the wrestling business for the exposure.

  10. DREDD...I agree.

    And Yes I will be at the fan fest May 8th before the ROH show in NYC

  11. i'm currently training to be a wrestler. most people ask me if i want to be a 'diva' in the wwe. while it would be awesome to go to wwe, with current state of the women's division-- i just don't see that for me.

    tna has a legit women's division. that's why i was glad to have discovered the shimmer promotion because it's about the women being athletes, & not just eye candy.

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  13. Hi Brandina,

    Good luck with training stay focused of the sport and don't let anything discourage you!!!

    All my best to you!!!

  14. Miss Sara
    Ever heard of Barbi Hayden?
    she's a young beginner womens wrestler in Texas
    that just looks like a model but is not one.

    she has told me she wants to be looked past
    her beauty and be taken seriously for her
    training and her skills. what advice would
    you give her?

  15. I would tell her to perfect her skill then and don't try to use her looks to her advantage in matches. People will perceive you the way you present yourself!

    Good luck to her :)

  16. Thanks Sara, I'll tell her that.
    To me you are still the most beautiful
    woman in wrestling.. It's your strength
    and your athleticism that makes you beautiful.
    Don't let anybody else make you feel you're not.

    I wish someday to tell you in person this..
    Maybe someday. Always know I believe in you.


  17. I used to like the Divas wrestling, some years ago. Now, I just can't stand it. Of course, they have good talent(e.g. Gail Kim), but what we mostly see is a bunch of models doing botch after botch. I also feel so bad for a title once held by honoured pioneers,such as Wendi Richter,Sherri and Alundra Blayze, now owned by a former dancer. As long as the women's division of WWE is just a filler,not being taken seriously, and with half-star "Diva Battle Royal" matches taking place regularly, I don't feel attracted to it.

    I believe the same for TNA. They had a great,solid women's division, until they started up screwing things up. They released several great talent(C.L. Melissa, Kong, Niki Roxx),while others are not being treated as they should(Sarah Stock, Daffney, Ayako Hamada).

    So, SHIMMER is currently my source of great women wrestling. I feel so glad of having discovered it, and I hope someday I will be able to afford a trip to Berwyn, and watch you and the rest of the girls live.

    Cheers from Greece,

  18. Ominous245 thank you for saying these things about me, I do appreciate it! Sara, thank you for the words of advice..good luck in all you do ;)

    -Barbi Hayden <3