Friday, April 9, 2010


I head to Chicago to SHIMMER it up. Today is it's own day though that I must get through. I have a to-do list half a page long but probably will not have the time in the next week to update you so her is my hello.

This week was pretty uneventful I did my usual gym, eating and TV watching. The weather has been beautiful so I was able to do cardio outside and loved it! I was not done with winter but how can I complain about 70 degrees in April!!!!

No new recipes to inform you about but I did mess up my first batch of muffins. I was so sad…I mastered my coffee chocolate muffin with peanut butter center but i took my sweet time putting together my last batch and the peanut butter spread out before I could fill the rest of the cup so the bottom did not cook. Of course I thought they would be ok so I took a huge bite and got goopy-not good-un cooked-mess in my mouth. BLAH.

Noting new on the tube either..last night was pretty brutal until Project Runway came on but I guess that is a good thing. I thought of cutting back on my TV intake but I like the noise so I just stopped paying close attention. I think it is working out well..except for LOST..I pay close attention to that show and still don’t get it. It reminds me just how bad my memory is….

Oh and of course I forgot the most exciting thing that happened this week…my new shirts! I have wanted to do black on black shirts for the longest time because I thought it would be cool but have been scared incase they didn’t work. I took a chance and LOVE the way it turned out! Yes, I will have them at SHIMMER and the following week at JAPW.


I guess I should get started on my to-do’s. Hope to see some of you this weekend and for the rest of you enjoy the weekend weather!!!



  1. Have Fun @ SHIMMER....

    Tell everyone that "EZ" says "HI"
    Wish I could be there......

    Take it,

  2. "Da MadMan from Mt.Vernon" Killah KyleApril 9, 2010 at 9:49 PM

    Kick ass this weekend! And I see you at chikara <3

  3. Hi Sara, greetings from Miami!
    Too bad none of the independents do shows around here. Can't see the pyoo pyoo awesomeness.

    Anyway, You are in phenomenal condition. I salute you. Did you start off with a personal trainer when you began going to the gym regularly?
    I started going to the gym in January with a personal trainer and to be honest feel like its a rip. I figure if I can find a weight training routine online and go it alone I will save money. Just wanted your input.
    Take care.

  4. I did not start with a trainer. I actually started lifting and getting into a regular gym routine 8 years ago.

    I have seen tremendous improvements now that I have an online trainer. Don't know how well it would have worked if I had one from the get.

    I like that I don't have to think of what to do at the gym. I can just go in and do it!

    Maybe try w/o a trainer for a few months and see if you are making improvements.