Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Wow do I have a lot to update you guys on so stay tuned!

I'm not confident I'll be able to deliver a blog before heading out for shimmer but I'll try.

What are you most interested in  hearing about?


  1. 1) Did you win your singles match on Sunday?
    2) Did you bring back any of those posters?
    3) What did you do during your down time when not wrestling.

  2. I'm most interested in hearing about your amazingly successful Chikara weekend. I'm so happy you're tied for 1st place in your block, AND that you choked out Ares.

    I've been cheering for you from the start, and will be cheering for you when you cross the finish line, making history by becoming the first ever Chikara singles champion.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on the tournament! Go Death Rey!

  3. 1)A Complete Trip Report

    2)Did you bring back the posters ?

    3)Some pictures of your weekend

  4. good luck at Shimmer don't get hurt and stay strong.



    go rock it Sara!!!!