Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Here we go

I must admit I was horrible at taking pictures so forgive me please. Japan was amazing as you all can imagine, looking back much of it was a blur and the days sorta ran together becasue I had a real hard time adjusting to the time difference. Landing in Japan was an experience in itself. As some of you know a Typhoon hit Tokyo and wouldn't you know it my pilot thought he could land without a problem. After first considering a re route to Seoul or Osaka it was determined we could make it. Our first attempt was scary to say the least...grown men and women screaming in terror and as you can imagine loosing their complementary meals. The second attempt was a success and I was back in Japan ready to rumble! The day of our first event we got to go watch a live OZ Academy show and it was awesome. SO many stars were on this show AJA, Manami, AKINO to name a few and of course my old friend MIKA NISHIO

The first match I had was a tag match with MIa Yim vs. The Canadian Ninjas. I thought it want well and the Ninjas deserved the win. I have seen photos from this match but don't have any of my own so if you have some to share please message me!

Day two's event was right after an Ice Ribbon show and again was treated to catching up with a friend Tsukasa Fujimoto!!!

I really enjoyed the nights match and think the tag of Rey Ray MUST happen again somewhere...Hey we are undefeated as a team that should qualify us as challenges to someones tag titles right?

Day four we were off to beautiful OSAKA, our last event of the trip and my singles with HOTTA. I was pretty confident after picking up the victory the night before but it was not to be. Technically I can contest her win becasue she picked up the victory via choke but I'll give her that one since after the match she said some very nice things about me on the microphone that she didn't have to do. Sometimes it not whether you win or loose and having HOTTA praise my wrestling in my book is better than and technical victory. After the match she was all smiles

 The last day of the tour we were guests at a WAVE show. I was so excited to see my old training partner and soon to be opponent KANA. The reunion was great and we have both grown and changed so much in the past six years, if i was excited before to face her in the ring I don't know what to call what I am now. I have a feeling it will be something special! Happy for now but no smiles once we are in the ring....

That was a very quick review of the trip and so much happened but as you can imagine I have a million and one things to do before SHIMMER so I will leave you with that for now and maybe catch you up on more details later. 
I do want to take a minute to thank the S Ovation office for making the trip so much fun and really taking care of me, no words can describe my gratitude!

See you soon!

P.S. I did pick up some posters of the tag tournament but only one of the HOTTA\Me poster. I had her sign it but she personalized it to me...any guesses on what it says????


  1. Sara thank you for this review of your trip, beautiful pictures especially the last.
    (for the posters I'm still interested, Keep us informed ;) )

  2. Glad you had a blast, and thx for giving us a quick run down. As for the poster, does it Say "death rey #1"??? And yep, I can safely say I'd love to get one!

  3. Have you thought about selling the posters on eBay and maybe putting the profits to charity or something like that?

  4. I am having the tag posters laminated and will bring the few I have to SHIMMER to sell. I am still on the fence about selling the personalized one and no it does not say "death rey #1" That goes without saying

  5. "Sara, Please dont sell this. It's personalized. Young girl will read your blog and tell me if you sell it. Love, Hotta"