Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Japan matches announced!

Sep.23rd at Tokyo
1.Amapola,Lady Afrodita vs. Yumiko Hotta,Kyoko Kimura
2.Sara del Rey,Mia Yim vs. Nicole Matthews,Portia Perez (match B)
3.Aki Kambayashi,Saya vs. La Comandante,Zeuxis (match A)

Sep.24th at Yokohama
1.Aki Kambayashi vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto vs. Lady Afrodita (Triple threat match)
2.Yumiko Hotta,Saya vs. Loser of match B
3.Tomoka Nakagawa,Kyoko Kimura vs. Amapola,Dama de Hierro
4.Winner of match A vs. Winner of match B

Sep.25th at Osaka
1.Apple Miyuki,Aoi Ishibashi vs. Kyusei Ninja Ranmaru,Lady Afrodita
2.Hiroyo Matsumoto,Saya vs. Nicole Matthews,Portia Perez
3.La Comandante,Kyoko Kimura vs. Zeuxis,Dama de Hierro.
4.Aki Kambayashi vs. Mia Yim (TLW championship)
5.Yumiko Hotta vs. Sara del Rey

You can start congratulating Mia and me now on the big win!

I guess 6 years later she wants retribution



  1. Please tell Yumiko Hotta to keep her chain at home this time.

  2. is this the first time you will be back in Japan after 6 years Sara can't wait to see this match you and Yumiko Hotta

  3. oh sorry and when you and Mia Yim will face Nicole Matthews & Portia Perez

  4. good luck and stay safe.