Tuesday, September 13, 2011

All hyped to write but I have no subject

This morning the Starbucks Gold Coast was brewing in my kitchen and it got me all pumped for the day. I have tons of energy and nothing to do with it. I guess giving my keyboard a workout is as good a way as any. I would normally go to the gym and today is leg day but I have a date later on in the day with that and my trainer has me only doing cardio every other day. Don't ask my why...

Yesterday I must admit I KILLED it! I went through a deck of cards in record time. For those of you that don't know that's when you assign an exercise to a suite and do that exercise in the amount that the card represents. Aces being 15 and all face cards being 10. I did table makers, squats, lunges and sit ups. Normally I would have push ups in the mix but figured I should spread the wealth since I was going chest later on at the gym. Everything was going good until the dreaded butt burn! Not as gross as you can imagine but definitely not cool or comfortable either. Let me explain, I was doing my situps so fast that the very spot my butt/lower back and the floor met created friction and I was the unfortunate recipient or mat burn. For those of you that have never had it consider yourselves lucky. The shower I must admit has never been quite so painful.

Today I'm feeling a little better and don't foresee my injury holding me back from anything besides maybe the pool. I will still probably grab a book and go enjoy what sun is left. Yesterday I finished "A Lion's Tale" by Chris Jericho and need to start another before my travels. If you are like me it takes you awhile to get really into a book so I sorta need to force myself through the first few chapters. Any suggestions?

As some of you may have seen on my Twitter or Facebook on October 8th, in Kingsport Tennessee, for CHIKARA I will be facing my former training partner and overall bad ass Kana! I am more than excited for this and can't wait to punish my old friend. I was looking through some of my old pictures and found a few more that were fun...

 Nishio and I trying to get the enraged colony of wasps away from Kana
 They were stubborn wasps so I decided smushing was the best option

all was forgiven a few days later as we set the ring up..interestingly enough we were outside and NO wasps.

Have a great week everyone!

I hope you can make it out to see me this weekend in Brockton, Ma or Manhattan, otherwise go support your favorite independent group!



  1. This is probably a dumb suggestion, but if you haven't read either of Mick Foley's first two autobiographies, you're missing out on the best two wrestling books ever written.

  2. Jerichos second book was also excellent. Have you read Queen of the Ring? It was really good as well. On the none wrestling side of things I just finished a book written by the creator of the show CSI called Level 26: Dark Origins that was actually quite disturbing. I could discuss books all day..what kind of books are you into?

  3. I've read both Foley books and Mildred Burks book all are good. I do not like disturbing books, movies, still photos or people I am not into horror at all. I just like good clean fun

  4. If you want campy, silly fun books, WWE once produced a novel called "Big Apple Takedown" that centered around Triple H, Chavo Guerrero, Batista, and Torrie Wilson working as undercover spies for the govt to stop terrorists. Its pure mindless entertainment. I wish WWE produced more books like that, cause it ruled.

  5. How about the autobiography on Gorgeous George? I thought that was extremely well done.

  6. I have a difficult time getting through the first few chapters as well. However, one book that hooked me immediately was The Master and Margarita by Bulgakov.

  7. Dark Origins was actually beyond my scope of taste as well, I like CSI but this was the very hard R rated version.
    I'm not much into fiction right now, mostly autobiographies, primarily wrestling but sometimes other celebrities or historical figures.
    Two fun fiction books I've read a few times as a mindless quick read are "I Love you Beth Cooper" & "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist" both much better than the movies.
    Good wrestling books, Penny Banner's is decent, Hardcore History, and The Toughest Man Alive: Gene Labell.
    I really want to read Itsuki Yamazaki's book but I've heard it's only in Japanese.