Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Almost caught up

on my sleep! Nothing can beat sleeping in your own bed....I got just about  three hours of sleep total over the Shimmer weekend and let me saw I an NOT a fan of that.


I touched down back in Philly early yesterday morning but needed to head straight to the gym so no time to recover just moved forward. Like you saw in my earlier post the unstoppable team of Serena Deeb and Sara Del Rey  will  take on the best Joshi has to offer  Ayumi Kurihara and Hiroyo Matsumoto this Friday April 1st in Atlanta when Honor takes Center Stage! I’m not just saying this because of my involvement but this is HUGE! This is an AWESOME direction for the Women of Honor and to get to display what is sure to the best women's wrestling of the weekend on IPPV as well is over the top! As a wrestling fan I am excited and if I was not going to be there I would be sure to watch so I hope for all you reading this that is the case too.

For ordering information of BOTH Atlanta events click HERE!


After watching ROH on Saturday if you are in the Marietta, Oh area you NEED to come down and support Remix Pro Wrestling. My scheduled match vs. Mickie James had to be changed due to injury she sustained from some cheap broke down want to be Queen. I am really bummed and the only thing that lifted my spirits was to hear that I now get to face Madison the discount Queen Rayne instead. So have no fear I will beat this little girl down and make it worth your while to check out!



What a great week for WRESTLING!!!!! YEAAAAAH!




  1. WOW your so right Sara it is a awsome fun week big stars to wrestle.

    Sara did you say this week your new DVD was going to be available for this big fun week for you or are you still puting more matchs on it.

  2. Make sure u give Reyne a real good ass whoopin queenie!!

  3. Sara, I read those SHIMMER results today and you shouldnt beat up innoncent punk rock girls!

  4. Mr"StilloweDeathRay20bucks"Dread: sorry to hear ur match with Mickie got changed sure it woulda been epic hope u squash Madison that is if her boyfriend Tara isnt hanging around somewhere.

  5. Getting to see you live again,being my favorite wrestler should lift my spirits. I'm so bummed out the Ninjas lost the tag belts. I'm also so sorry you don't get to wrestle Mickie. I know how much you were looking forward to it. You seem to be alright though. Have a safe & pleasant trip into Marietta and an all-around great weekend!