Friday, March 4, 2011

New Obsession

No it is not the Real Housewife's of Miami..I am still on the fence with them.


It’s Words With Friends! If you don’t have this game get it!!! I am no good yet but I have hope that someday I will be a master like those annoying people that murder me.


Since last week my eyesight has been restored, thanks for the concern. I should have known better but you win some you loose some and ultimately I WON.


This weekend I have off from wrestling so I’ll be working on some  projects such as gear and a new DVD. I was thinking of a DVD all about my SHIMMER title reign but I’m not sold yet….what do you think? I want a theme so its not just a random mess of matches and I am open for ideas. Gear wise I am not interested in your ideas Smile


I have the next two weeks off cardio per my new trainer and I just don’t know what to do with myself. I suspect the extra time will not be spent well but I’ll try to keep a positive attitude about it.


Gotta go…doggy fashion show on Wendy!


  1. I'd say make it an all championship edition DVD. Have matches where you are either challenging for a title or defending one. That could open up to more matches besides just Shimmer. I'd say it would make each match feel important. You could call it Golden Dreams or something with gold in the title?

  2. Personally I'd be interested in a compilation of a lot of your non SHIMMER promotions, since I already have all of SHIMMER and I hadn't even heard of a lot of the smaller places you work for.

    Also I'm glad you can see but maybe next time don't spit on someone who can spit poison back?

    Those "Queen of Wrestling" chants and your waves to the crowd were outstanding though. I'm so looking forward to CHIKARA next weekend.

  3. yay! your eyesight is better, and you said we didn't care haha Ultimately it's your decision if you want to do a championship dvd, more than likely we will still buy it since it will be a collectors item, especially if you throw in an interview or two or some side commentary on the matches.

    Other than that only idea I have is maybe you facing the top female stars in there home promotions. Can call the dvd Sara Del Rey vs. the world haha

  4. I think a DVD of your favorite matches, hosted by you (with introductions, thoughts on your opponents, etc. between the matches) would be pretty good. You're always awesome on the VDK clips.

  5. awsome awsome awsome I would love to have a new DVD of my hero Sara Del Rey.

    I would love to have that theme you have in ROH or Shimmer theme song you have now I don't know the names Sara can you let me know if you can what those theme songs are ben trying to look theme up to here there so beautiful to here

    Sara will it just be Shimmer matchs or will it have some ROH matchs too?

  6. how about your no dq matches ,where you brawl outside the ring? you can call it "can`t contain the queen!"

  7. Hey Sara,glad your'e considering a new DVD. I really like the idea of a non-shimmer compilation since so many of us have a pretty nice collection of the shimmer stuff already. For selfish reasons however I need to make a personal plea for you to include your ACW match against none other than Nicole Matthews. I've always wanted to see that since I found out it took place. Besides you,I'm also a big fan of those wacky ninjas,however they don't have the DVD anymore at Smart Mark. All I know is that I'd be VERY happy to finally get to see this dream match. Yeah so any rare stuff like that+I always love to see interviews & promos. Have a great week!!

  8. John G -
    Sara's entrance music in SHIMMER is "Jotei ~ Boss of the World" (Bull Nakano's Theme) from this CD:
    Her music in ROH is "Ride of the Valkyries" by Richard Wagner.

    Tom -
    The match between Sara and Nicole (scheduled for the ACW 2010 American Joshi Queen of Queens Tournament) never took place. Sara had to wrestle Jessica James in her place.

  9. Hey Jon,thanks for giving me the heads up about my would-be dream match not taking place. Darn that Nicole!! Oh well,maybe it will still happen someday. I'd also love to see Sara in 6-women tag with the Ninjas. Really what 3 babyfaces could hang with that team? have a good one.