Saturday, April 2, 2011

While I wait

For 4 hours at the Cleveland airport I figured I could be productive. So here I am, let me communicate first how dumb this delay is considering the flight is only 30 min! It's a situation like this that makes me happy I pack all my own food. I'll just keep my fingers crossed my chicken will still be good tomorrow... if I should fall violently ill we all will know the reason.

Yesterday when WE took center stage I had just about zero time to process everything. It wasn't until this morning that I could look back and really reflect on the events. First I am so blessed an honored that ROH gave (and will again today give) the fans women's WRESTLING! I was really proud of the effort Serena and I gave and even though we lost I think we won.

Onto the Kings.... What a year! A full year as ROH tag champs, I am so proud of them. What an exciting match with just goes to show everything is done for a reason. When other companies think tag wrestling is dead we get to go out and shut them up!

This past month of wrestling has really inspired, motivated and brought my passion back so thank you to everyone involved!


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  1. Dread: Glad to see the passion still thrives