Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SUN press release

Pro-Wrestling SUN promoter Allison Danger has just passed through the following press release:

The debut of Pro-Wrestling SUN in Jackson, NJ was a great success! Thank you to those who were able to make the trip out there to share in the our day. Here is the fallout from SUNrise:
Mercedes Martinez (WSU) and Kellie Skater (PWWA) opened the show with a fantastic match that saw gratuitous amounts of shenanigans from the Aussie, yet they were no match for Latina Sensation. Skater fell to the Fisherman Buster from the reigning WSU Champion.

Immediately following this bout, The undisputed “Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey hit the ring to run down the match that she was originally scheduled to be a part of. She then turned her thoughts to Madison Eagles, who due to an emergency, had to pull off the show earlier in the day. Del Rey felt slighted that SHIMMER champion Eagles was getting main event status and a chance for a future title against SUN Champion Allison Danger. SDR insinuated herself into the main event and challenged Danger for the title later on the show.

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