Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh yes I did!

3/25/2011: Over-qualified!

It's been proven, I don't need to go on and on about it, because really it's simple. The real question I struggle with is why would someone NOT vote for me? Jealousy? Maybe...Scared? Probably! CHIKARA has tried it's best to keep me and the Bruderschaft down for the past year but my stock has continued to rise - earning three points with Daizee Haze and beating the best CHIKARA had to offer.

I'm tired of going around in circles, its time to show the world what I can do. No division by gender or weight class - everyone is on an even playing field. That championship title belt would look perfect around my waist, and the people in each locker room know that just as much as the fans do.

The popularity of the VDK is proof how desperate fans are to see me! So do the right right, vote Sara Del Rey!



  1. Everybody better Vote for Death Rey, who else is there to vote for? It's also why I am starting to love Chikara. can't wait to see you piledrive some men and claim the title you deserve. p.s. kick some ass at shimmer this weekend

  2. Shame u can't whoop Mickie James, but whatever u do, please dont lose to Madison Reyne, you are many classes above her regardless of her 'title' @ tna.