Friday, December 24, 2010

While doing cardio I might as well be productive

It's the day before Christmas and I like most are excited beyond belief. I can't believe how quick the end of the year came, looking back it has been one fine year.

Thanks to all of you for the support and encouragement not just to me but independent wrestling everywhere. I promise BIG things in 2011.

I should recap last weeks ROH IPPV I said if you missed it you missed out. Four of the most talented girls around given the freedom to just go out and entertain and I think we did that. I have always been proud to be with ROH but in the last few month I could not be prouder (if that's a word). Even though I murdered chicks left and right none have felt my furry more than Daizee  and she keeps coming back. I'm not sure I would have the guts but I look forward to the next chapter and seeing how we fit in.

The kiss.....papa Briscoe is lucky I have a thing for old people! Only the second time someone dared to kiss me in a ring (the first is still eating through a tube). I will say the most insulting part of the ordeal was being thrown out after. I guess that's what a one night stand feels like.

My cardio is just about done so here's wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas and happy New Years!

Be responsible!

Thank you 2010!



  1. I want to wish you a safe, enjoyable, and exciting Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Sara Del Rey. I will see you in Berwyn Illinois March 26th & 27th 2011

  2. Marry Christmas Sara Del Rey hope u got what you wanted from your friends and familie

  3. The PPV was amazing aside from the...incident. I had to clean my monitor after seeing it. Great match, though.

    I've asked a few fans here in Japan about you and, of course, they think you are awesome.

  4. Hey Sara,Hope you had a great holiday weekend! I've got a ringside ticket for my 1st ROH show in Dayton this Febuary. I'll keep my fingers crossed that I'll get to see you on the card and that no weather issues prevent me from going. Would love to see you and the Kings reign supreme! Also,hope they bring you back to Marietta this April for the next Throwdown for The Pound. Mickie James is apparently booked so you could take down yet another TNA "knockout". In any case best wishes for the new year. Your'e the best!

  5. Thanks for all of your work. Hope to see your work again in 2011.

  6. Hey Sara, your in the know right....Has Kong signed with WWE?? If so, I hope ur the next one in!!