Saturday, December 11, 2010

I have some free time

Currently I am en route home after 3 great days in Louisville. I realized I have not updated you good folks in a ling time so here goes...

Like I said I was in Louisville for ROH tv taping the past Dre days and the shows were great as usual for ROH! I saw tons of action and picked up two wins..that's always a nice treat.

I really like the Louisville area, tons of nice people and Davis arena is a super cool place to work. Not sure if we'll be back but it was something different and that's good every now and then.

This afternoon I defend the japw women's championship and the tweets are correct its against lufisto! I think the fans of philly have a special treat in store.

Tomorrow afternoon its back to the asylum for CHIKARA and Daizee and I are looking to get back in track and kill sone ants!

No much else to update..oh I'm looking forward to Koscheck/GSP...and how can I not profess my LOVE for CM Punk on commentary Monday nights! I have not been excited to watch an entire raw maybe ever but he totally has me tuned in. If you've given up on raw I strongly suggest you hive it another try.

That's it for now if you are in the Philadelphia area come see .me this weekend!



  1. CHIKARA is in Reading on Sunday, isnt it?

  2. Yes, huge mistake by me..CHIKARA is in reading not the asylum! This is the dangers of typing while under the influence of no sleep.

  3. Sara, how did you get back from KY? Do you drive?

  4. So, I heard the match you had in Reading was cut short due to Daizee being hurt, is she ok? Apparently, there was a lot of blood.

  5. Yes I drove..well actually I rode.

    Daizee is tougher than I will ever be...she'll be fine!

  6. I Love PUNK!!! Glad you do too. He is a true joy to watch or listen to comentary. He was great at ROH,FIP,IWA or WWE. He and Edge are so good in the ring and out. Those two are a huge part of the reason I still watch WWE.

  7. Awesome tag match yesterday in ROH Sara!! I just wish the big boys would take note on how women's wrestling should be.

    Also, just a thought, could you Royal Butterfly Kong or would she be too heavy?

  8. Have you ever sported the crimson mask in your wrestling, also did you ever make your opponents bleed.

  9. P.S. I forgot to put career by wrestling, my mistake.