Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This morning I twitter I said today would be a day of getting stuff done and surprise surprise I did!


My day started with a trip to the grocery store for some fresh fruit! My diet got adjusted the other day and my fruit intake has doubled so I needed to stock up! I am all pumped with the addition of more fruit I also got more nuts! I was like a kid in a candy store in the bulk food isle this morning trying all the nuts to see what was freshest and decided on almonds and walnuts. Side not..I got fresh pecans last week and feel they are too much of an indulgence because they taste like straight buttery goodness. 


Back home I cut and washed all my vegetables ( I do this every time I come home from the store so they are ready to go when I need them) and got my cleaning started. I scrubbed my bathroom so good that I didn’t want to use it....and of course once all the litter was swept and freshened the cat decided to make a mess! It’s cool though because the cat and me have gotten really close ever since turning 30 and it just reminded me to let loose a little..Is that confusing? I’ll explain a little…I’m a neat freak that HAS to have everything organized. Normally I would get all huffy and re scoop and clean the litter so it was perfect but I’m living a little and learning to let go.


Next on the agenda gym! I had a rocking back and bicep work out and finished with thirty minutes of cardio that I must say I killed. I was all pumped because I had a treat in store for myself a little later…


Back home for some food and a shower and it was time for my does the queen of wrestling treat herself your asking…acupuncture!


I’ve never been before but I am all about treating my body right so figured why not? The deal was you can stay as long as you want and figured I would probably be good after twenty minutes but to my surprise I was there over an hour! For those of you that have never gotten it done it’s pretty crazy and hard to describe but I totally dug it and feel great.  Two thumbs up!!!!


One last note about today I talked with an old friend from the beginning of my career and I might have some fun pictures to share (depending on how embarrassing they are).


With this blog entry my to do list is just about done….I have the night to enjoy some salmon and the new season of Top Chef all stars.


Hope everyone else was as productive as me today but I’m sure you were not so suck it!


  1. What are the chances of my wife and I getting the chance to meet you and get a picture taken with you at the Reading show for Chikara on dec 12th?

  2. Chances are good. I am usually out pushing my merchandise at intermission.

  3. Thats great news. We are traveling over 6 hours just to see you. Cant wait. We look forward to your match

  4. Hey Sara, just want to tell you that you rock and I am a big fan of yours. I hope to see you in WWE some day, but I love your matches, esp in CHIKARA. Thanks for all your hard work!