Friday, December 31, 2010

Cardio time again

Coming to you for a second time from the step mill! Getting my last workout in of 2010.

What a year its been hu? I've done better this year than the last in terms of wrestling so I'm excited to see what next year will bring. Hopefully something BIG..I feel Im approaching my prime and need that need to be shared with the world!

I have been getting an enormous amount of questions regarding Kong so let me say I have no clue what her WWE status is. Like most of you I hope she is signed, I miss seeing her on tv and she is the one that can change the perception of women's wrestling in America.

Side note..even though I'm on my phone during my workout I'm killing it!

New years resolutions are as follows..stay in better contact with my family, not stress about my diet and getting out and enjoying life while I have it to enjoy. I should resolve to fix my spelling and grammar but maybe next year.

Since the holidays and traveling I have not been able to keep up on my shows and I'm not sure how much I miss them. It's been about two weeks without Regis and Kelly, Wendy and Top Chef..I good the first two were on vacation too. I did YouTube some best of Dorothy Zbornak and Does Nylund to keep me company.

Oh..anyone want to know what I got for Christmas? Besides about 10lbs in glorious cookie weight I got new training shoes, snow shoes, lots o money, goldfish soap and tons of other crap (I mean that in the best way possible) .

My session is almost over so it seems like a good time to wrap this sucker up.

Hope everyone has a super, safe and responsible night!



  1. Maybe now that WWE is stocking up on useful female talent like Nattie, Beth, and Kong, they might come to their senses and give you a call? We can only hope.

  2. Happy New Year and i agree with Dave, If they Hired Kong who is obviusly not the Model Type, They Might Give you a Call. That'd be awesome.

  3. I know u don't like invasion angles but.........

  4. Oh, and is there actually a show on tv called Cupcake Wars??

  5. Just got on the Remix Pro Wrestling site only to find out that you will be coming back in April to take on that country-music want-ta-be Mickie James. All I can say is thank you,thank you,thank you!!!! Look forward to seeing you again be your bad-ass self. Once again you have made my day. Now to order a ticket!