Monday, January 10, 2011

Catching up

We are now ten days into the new year and I feel almost completely caught up. Caught up with what exactly ???



I took the week of Christmas and New Years off from the computer so needless to say I had lots of work to do. Today I got the last little bit taken care of and I feel great!


So what has been going on???? I feel so out of the loop with out Regis and Kelly. I haven't watched much TV since before the holidays…I think I was addicted. I might jump back on the TV bandwagon but for now I am enjoying some wrestling and occupying my time in other ways.


I’ve been experimenting with more vegetables but have nothing to report other than parsnips are delicious. Oh, Allison Danger did share with me a dynamite soup recipe with me that I have played around with. If you have a healthy, delicious and easy recipes you think I’ll like please pass it along.


As for my resolutions I think I am doing a pretty good job…what about you?


I’m looking forward to this weeks ROH shows and hopefully some of you will be able to make it out!


Hope all is well!!!




  1. Sure sounds like 2011 is starting off really well for you, Sara. BTW, what exactly does parsnips taste like?

  2. Parsnips are SO good. It's early in the year so I know there is no going off your diet but keep in mind for when you decide to have a cheat day that parsnip chips, and parsnip&carrot hash is really really good

    Sounds like an interesting start, can't wait for ROH, I'm trying to take off of work to go haha

  3. Hi SDR, I've just a question for ya.
    I've seen the last VdK, is that really cool Shimmer hoodie on sale somewhere?

  4. Parsnips are an interesting flavor that's hard to explain. Im interested in these chips...

    Those sweet shimmer hoodies were made just for us girls a few years ago...sorry. :)

  5. Then lucky girls :D
    Thanks for the answer.