Friday, September 24, 2010

Starting is the hardest part

With Cody Rhodes on my TV I am inspired…I think he has one of the best entrances in Pro wrestling!


I guess what you all want to hear about is SHIMMER so I will start Saturday morning at 4:15. I wake up, make a spinach protein shake and I’m on my way to Chicago. The flight is short and I am able to get a little more sleep but I am super pumped to see all the girls and get my wrestling on. After a quick stop at the hotel and Starbucks I arrived at the Berwyn Eagles club. For those of you who have never been in this building it has a certain charm and while walking around the ring I can see myself visiting this place in 30 years and remembering the energy of the SHIMMER crowd. I must be tired!!!!!!!


After catching up with everyone, well at least saying hi, I settle into a space upstairs and begin getting ready. The rest of the day goes by in a flash… I was happy with my matches and my performances and after changing back into my street clothes I am really looking forward to the rest of my coffee now cold (the perfect drinking temperature). DAMN, someone though it was trash and threw it out when I was not looking. I decided to make a mental note for the next day –guard your coffee-!


The next morning I wake up early and convince myself I don't need to do Cardio because i am wrestling so much later in the day. So, I take a stroll to 711 for water and saw that Nikki Roxx was in the gym…oh motivation…I decided to change and throw down with some cardio.


After another stop at Starbucks it was back to the club. Sundays event went well and again I was happy with my matches and performances. This time while changing I set the remainder of my coffee right in front of me so I can keep guard of it. I was all done and packed and for a split second took my eyes off the prize to converse  and wouldn't you know it…my coffee was trashed AGAIN! BOOOOO. A huge downer!!!


Monday rolled around and I was off to Florida to wrestle with the Slammin Ladies and as I mentioned before go gator gazing. The wrestling was great as usual but I can not say the same for the gator gazing. When this was first brought up I figured we would be on a nice little tour boat or something..not the case. It was a little canoe that we were responsible for navigating….not a good idea. Needless to say 10 min in my canoe was full of spiders from banging into trees and I was was too close for comfort to gators. This was a supposed to be a two hour trip…I hit every  bank, bush and tree along the way and ended up in that stupid little boat for over four hours. I am still waiting for the fun..I was so scared I couldn't even take pictures.


After an exciding trip to Florida it was time to head back to Philadelphia..well actually New Jersey for “War of the Roses” by Indygirlz. I had some catching up to do at the gym so I decided to double up on workouts..maybe not the best idea going into a tournament but I think I did a decent job and losing to Mercedes Martinez in the finals is nothing to be ashamed of.

60231_157958040896517_100000469659049_443890_3673206_s 61268_157955467563441_100000469659049_443882_3064388_s

SUNDAY is finally here and I am so excited to see Manami Toyota again and get to wrestle her as a bonus! This has to be one of my favorite matches of the year!!! Manami was amazing as usual and with the addition of Mike Quackenbush and Claudio Castagnoli I think the dynamic of the match was something real special. The atmosphere in NY was amazing and the people were incredible. I can’t thank CHIKARA enough for making this happen!

IMG_1852 IMG_1915 IMG_1901 IMG_1947


This week I have off and to tell you the truth I am stoked. I have housework and gym stuff to catch up on. Not to mention Top Chef and Project Runway….


Oh while I have you here did you see I got a Facebook????? I'm not so sure on how often to update and stuff but I am still trying to work it out so don’t give up on me!


Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


  1. Awesome pics! It looks like you had an amazing time. Don't push it too hard Sara and enjoy your time off. :-D

  2. Great pics posted Sara. Aside from the coffee incidents and the gator gazing sounds like you had a great time. Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  3. Sara:
    Always good to hear that you're doing your thing in wrestling...looking forward to seeing you hopefully at JAPW next month to defend your title.

  4. When are you coming back to JAPW to defend your womens' champioship title?

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  6. awesome show in Brooklyn, please come back soon!

  7. I've done the whole gator gazing thing, too. I was on a nature trail through a swamp in Charleston, SC, with a good friend visiting from Australia (interestingly enough, she actually lives about thirty minutes away from Bacchus Marsh). Anyway, the spiders were HUGE, seemingly almost as big as the snapping turtle which almost took the poor kid's fingers off, and the alligators were a little too friendly for my comfort, so I spent most of the day fairly terrified we were about to get lunged at. Sigh. Nothing like getting back to nature, right?

    The new shirts looks really amazing, by the way, and the SHIMMER weekend sounded really exciting. Can't wait for that set of DVDs.

  8. Hi Sara,

    Your pics on Facebook are very good. Glad you had a succesful Shimmer tournament.

    I could not believe the DivaDirt article relative to TNA's remarks about You and the Beautiful People. Obviously TNA must be blind when it comes to judging quality talent.

    Take Care.

  9. Hi Sara,
    What do you have to say about what Prince Nana said about you and Daizee in his blog ?

  10. I am unfortunately unable to make the October JAPW date but I will be back and badder than every in November!

    I guess I am more of a girlie girl than I thought. I like to look at nature but not be emerged in it.

    NANA does not have enough gold in Ghana to pay me for that.

  11. How lucky am I that I got to see 8 of those matches live and got awesome PB as a bonus!

    You especially killed it in New York. I bet when I go to Japan this winter people will still be talking about it.

  12. Still watching diva search, oh, I mean NXT? Did you guys purposely line up in that photo tallest to shortest?

  13. Hey John, Your going back to Japan in the Winter...that's awesome...what shows are you planning on seeing?


    You know it! That was my great idea too :)

  14. lol, full points for artistic impression. Enjoy ur week off!

  15. Glad you had a good time! Dig the new ring gear also..

  16. Right now it looks like I'll be seeing JWP, Ice Ribbon, Ito Dojo, and NEO's last show as far as women guy. I'm crossing my fingers for GAMI to put on another WAVE show on her birthday and maybe Tajiri to have a SMASH show. As far as men go I'll probably check Z1 and AJPW. Not sure if I'll, finally, go to NJPW dome show.

  17. just a quick review of sara in the champion t-shirt-GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 5 points to anyone who knows who originally woe ha shirt?

  19. It was Andy Kaufman....Do I get a prize? lol