Friday, September 10, 2010

SHIMMER tomorrow

I'm tanned, toned and ready to fight!

I don’t know who I'm facing and honestly it doesn't matter. Big, small, tall and wide I'll take them all on and most likely win :)

Looking forward to seeing some of you this weekend!


Safe travels everyone!


  1. Good luck to you. No doubt, you are going to give a great match, no matter the opponent. Go get 'em!

    I wish I could be there =/ Maybe, some time in the future...

    Cheers from Greece,

  2. Agree with all above! (One day, perhaps.)

    Cheers from Britain.


  3. Have a Great Time this weekend with Shimmer ! Kick-Ass, Take Names, and get back in the Title Picture.

    Congratulations on being ranked #12 in this year's PWI Top 50 ! Personally you should've been in the Top 10 if not the Top 5 for being one of the best in-ring performers in Pro Wrestling aka Sports Entertainment Today Female or
    Male. You're that Damn Awesome and Great !

    Keep doing your thang in the business and hopefully WWE will wake-up and start hiring "Real Women Wrestlers" who have the love and passion for the business instead of the "Cookie-Cutter" Models who just want to use the Mainstream T.V. Exposure of the WWE to hopefully launch a career in Hollywood.

    Take Care Always Sara.

    Death-Rey 4 Life !


  4. Good luck, have fun and travel safely. Would love to be there to watch everyone's great matches, but thank goodness at least for DVD ^^

  5. Cant't wait to see you back in Ohio. Hopefully sometime soon. Take care and good luck at Shimmer. Not that you need it of course!

  6. Got the DVDs I ordered from your site saturday and all I can say is that you truly are the Alpha Female!! Long live Sara Del Rey!! Long Live the Death Rey Army!!